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LIMITED SPECIALS: Courtesy of some of our friends across the United World Underground Network, some very special downloads, free to M&E supporters. Each of the following items are available in limited quantities only (check bracketed number after titles, and I will try to keep the website bang up to date, promise), so if there is something you'd like, either e-mail / PM us on Facebook quickly, just in case!


COURTESY OF KLAPPSTUHL RECORDS (click on any title to have a listen on Bandcamp)...



Various Artists - Colonna D'Aria (3)

SP 002, restored from the 1991 Snowdonia cassette release. "A composition of music pieces to build up one sequel with different moods and movements." Featuring tracks from DsorDNE, Gerstein, Massimo Forzano, Invito All' Ascolto, Nome and Lucas Mottura & Irma Molinera.

Various Artists -

The Constant Rise Of Expectations (4)

SP 003, compilation based on the theme of constant evolving pressure in daily life. Tracks from 9 Cento 9, (ad)VANCE(d), Mr. Concept, [multer], Gerstein, Solanaceae Tau, Cyborcosis, F-Space, The M.M.V.P., Martin Newell, Mik@, Kallabris, N(7), 6 9 N & F and Filament Clew.



Walt Thisney -  This Continuum (2)

SP 007, this project includes Fernando Cerqueira, half of Ras.Al.Ghul, who appear on the UWU Collection. A collection of Walt Thisney's prolific output of retro synth-pop, vaporwave & electro grooves, filled with emotional soundscapes to brighten up your day, with a melancholic edge or two.

Magic Moments At Twilight Time -

Flashbax Ω Ultimate (1)

SP 008, newly mastered best of compilation album, with tracks of all MMATT albums and additional rarities from their most prolific period, the cassette era years from 1987 to 1992. Includes, bonus album, 25 page booklet and artwork.



DsorDNE - Carceri (3)

SP 009, restored from the 1991 Hax cassette release. Remastered at O.F.F., Audio Sound Prod, by Marco Milanesio in 2015. Original liner notes translated by Marco Pustianaz, seen right in a visit to the old MMATT studio in September 1992. Crisp electronic keys and beats with some rather innovative use of vocal sampling and dub mix techniques. Ever the experimental edge, but quite easy listening for those that like their sounds more co-ordinated too.



Mr. Concept - XXXVII (6)

SP 010, restored from original recordings, 1988-92. A collection of all the remaining recordings from Mr. Concept's (aka Rob Grant) old portastudio days. This is the coolest John Barry meets Thomas Dolby on underground electropop album you could possibly imagine.

[multer] - Köln 04​|​11​|​2006 (6)

SP 012, recorded live at the Kulturbunker in Cologne. A solid live performance of drone electro-experimentalism by this creative three piece, with plenty of bits and bobs coming and going to keep the listener alert and interested. Love the mix of electronica with 'field recordings', natural sounds with synthetics.



Gerstein - The Black Box (4)

SP 013, EP of unreleased minimalistic recordings from 1986, except track 3, which is a 2017 recording based on 'Black Box 04'. Experimentalism that's given an almost pop styling to it. Just when you think it's one thing, it becomes something else entirely, very much in the Klappstuhl remit.


Institute Of Noise -

Achtung Messarbeiten! (3)

SP 014, the Germanic electro experimental album, as it was originally conceived by the artists, for the first time in it's entirety. This should have become MuPo 027 on the Multi Pop Label, but life isn't like that. The good news is you have it now on Klappstuhl...


L.H.D. - Transitions E.P. (5)

TENT 01, from original recordings in 2006, overdubs and remix 2013/14. I fucking love this, experimentalism at its absolute best. We had a track on the M&E Showcase a few years back, the most wondrous mix of myriad forms of white noise and beyond. Very highly recommended!


Delta-Sleep Inducing Peptide (DSIP) - Cataplectic Episodes (3)

TRISM 14, restored from the 1991 cassette. The work of the duo of Dieter Mauson and Siegmar Fricke, the latter of whom will be a familiar name to most M&E supporters as we released a few of his solo albums. Cool piece of rhythm and headfuck indeed.





"Metal Goes Science" by Vasileios Yfantis (1)

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - PDF format book, 113 pages, 3.4MB. The author is probably better known to you as Billy Yfantis, the man behind the Skylight webzine. Now this man takes his heavy metal seriously (and has done the same for the punk genre too)! This is an extensively researched academic work, also available in paperback, the official blurb describing it thus; "The book covers the bibliography of academic / scientific publications for more than 30 years. It features books, journal articles and conference papers between 1984 and 2017." If you'd like to look further into the world of metal, beyond the tight trousers, power chords and exploding drummers, this is an excellent place to start. If it's been written about metal, it's in the book, trust me.