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The review above is from Alan Craw's old zine, Cyrkel Spynn. I seem to recall he was also something to do with a pagan witchy type society of some description too, but the drugs clearly do work and I can't remember much about it now. Honestly, this was so much easier when I did it on a regular basis and kept notes! Going in cold after 12 years is something else entirely, trust me. However, I'm still in touch with Alan so we can get the latest straight from the horse's mouth. I'm not implying here that anyone has turned Alan into a horse. It's not like he's sitting around in his DMMG office making whinny whinny noises and eating hay. I shall send Alan a message and tell you what he says. Wouldn't it be funny if he just asked if I had any carrots? (UPDATE)



Fraction Studio was the kind of 'master' name for all projects Michel Madrange, aka the prolific underground audio-creative and artist, M. Nomized. Back in the day, he provided a distribution outlet in France for us and a few other M&E artists. Love the pre-Euro pricing, what wonderful nostalgia for when everyone could afford to eat. Michel is still highly active today and I'm still in contact with him via Facebook, so I shall endeavour to get an update on his activities, what I will then share with you. I'm nice like that...  (UPDATE)

  The mighty Brian Tawn seems to have been running Hawkfan almost for as long as there has been a Hawkwind to fan about. The zine and newsletters always included many other things that would be of interest to our fellow space cadets too, so many a kind plug for all things MMATT and M&E. I'm still in touch with Brian and will obtain an update from him very very soon... (UPDATE)  


So, Mick magic is still alive then ? Yes, he most certainly is and he's still putting things like this out so he is still most definitely involved in the underground too. Good. The underground really would miss him if he disappeared. Anyway, this showcases some of the stuff that the 'United World Underground' promotes and if you know Mick and what he's about then you'll pretty much guess what this sounds like. Remember, trust him he is a spaceman ! It's mostly bleeps and noises interspersed with the odd rock out from obscure (and wonderfully named) bands and artists from all far fetched corners of the globe. You like it weird ? Then get hold of this for 7.99 (cheques to S J Taylor) from Mick Magic, 6 Farm Court, Farm Road, Frimley, Surrey, GU16 8TJ. U.K. Sid S

The review on the left comes from a zine from our old locale, going by the name of Home & Away. The young lady whose name is by it on my aged contact file is one Sarah Kaynes, a name I'm ashamed to say doesn't ring a bell at all. BUT... the 'Sid S' tag on the review has to point at Sid Stovold, he of Who Moved The Ground, Departure Records and the Pop Art zine. Anyway, I have an e-mail address for Sarah, so I'll send her one saying "Oi! Who are ya!?" She'll like that... (*address failed)

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