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Whew, that was one busy summer, what with the Facebook event that ended up lasting for 9 weeks and all! But what a great end, when all the problems had finally been resolved and I was sat looking at a handful of copies of the new CD. Full credit to Marc Bell at TMR Records for an excellent job. Sam and I listened with our chins in our laps for the most part, we could hardly believe it was the same album we recorded in the mid 90's. I don't know all the secrets of Marc's analogue remastering process, but it seems to have replaced the humanity and warmth that was once lost in the dry and cold digital processes of the day. Nice job with the packaging too, excellent on-disc printwork, 8 page booklet, all plastic wrapped. Though I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that reissues should be available at a budget price, 5.00 GBP seems almost TOO cheap for such a quality product, seriously impressed. Full details of the album can be found by clicking on the cover image, where you can also pick yourself up a free copy of the complete libretto in PDF format. Order enquiries should be sent to marcbell386@btinternet.com, who would be delighted to accommodate you in your desire to become a proud owner of one or more shiny copies, and our thanks in advance for your continued support. And if you'd like to delve deeper into our world, you'll be pleased to know everything that happened on the Facebook event page has now been edited for and uploaded here to The Magic Net for your aural and visual stimulation...


Click on the image to go to the index page for all the cool stuff that happened during the 9 week Facebook album launch event. There are 'Online Chats' with Marc Bell (owner of TMR Records, remastering genius and original studio engineer on the album, Shona Moments (original MMATT vocalist from 1987-89 and Mrs. Magic no.2), Julie White Hawk (the muse behind "Zoen Nostalgia" who became an integral part of MMATT folklore), Mal Foster (the poet and writer, then known as Mal Cieslak, who was one of our collaborators on the At Twilight Time projects), Nick 'Morgan' Lewis (the Billy Idol lookalike on the earliest MMATT promo pix and the legendary voice on "The Eddie Irwin Song", Thayen Rich (the '2000 AD' artist who realised the album's amazing visuals), Jerry Kranitz (ex editor of U.S. spacerock zine, 'Aural Innovations', whose love of the album inspired its return after 22 years in deep space), Wayne Smith (the photographer who took that iconic set of black and white promo pix that came to define the original foursome), Pippa Smith (MMATT vocalist from 'The Lost Year', and probably more our loss than hers), Philip Hutchinson (one half of the anarchically comic Christ & Satan duo who featured on "Zoen Nostalgia"), Chris Carter (lead singer of The Charles who gave MMATT their first break and the Chris from "Mick & Chris On Acid", the vintage collaborative album recently reissued as part of "The United World Underground Collection"), plus stars of the album; Inga Leru-Kelly (vocals on "Lights Turn Blue" and "Demonic Attack") and Professor Damien Page (lead guitar on "Lights Turn Blue", "The Torch" and "Rock & Roll Lifestyle"). There's also some special features with more music for you; "Zoen Nostalgia": The Forgotten Tracks (includes "Theme Zoen", "The Rock The Taxi Rap", "Tranzphorm", "Shazdanz", "Little Green Men In Bowler Hats" and "The Scroll"; The MMATT Story: As Told By "Flashbax Ω Ultimate" (a full feature, covering all 18 tracks on the double album set from Klappstuhl Records); "Creavolution Reborn": The Whole Story (pretty much what the title says, including a good few things you will almost certainly never have heard before) and "Flashbax Omicron 13" (the grand event finale, introducing a free download album especially to mark the occasion, featuring 13 tracks, one from each of the 13 MMATT albums, none of which have ever been available in digital format before, plus two bonus download albums; "Live At Frimley Community Centre" (our 1987 live debut) and "Mmattland Community Radio" (the classic 1992 April Fool's broadcast by Captain Garry Lee and crew of Freedom Overflow). Not to mention a couple of transdimensional visitors and the shock announcement of who I'll be recording album no. 14 with! Enjoy muchly!


* * *   A L S O   F E A T U R E D   I N    T H I S   I S S U E   * * *


U W U   -   I T ' S   W H A T ' S   G O I N G   D O W N   I N   T H E   U N D E R G R O U N D

Long overdue as we are for a catch-up on who is saying and doing what in the network that inspired "The United World Underground Collection" these days, here it begins, and better late than never! Just click on the image link (left) to go to the index page, which will gradually expand as more and more updates are added. Expect articles on Mike Pougounas' Blackout Radioshow / Tribe4mian's Weblog, Kim Harten's Bliss / Aquamarine, Lord Litter's Magic Music Box International, Hal McGee's Electronic Cottage, Don Campau's No Pigeonholes, Carsten Olbrich's Radio Escobar, Garry Lee's Starship Overflow, Stuart 'Mr. H' Hamilton's Zeitgeist / The Rocker and many many more...


M & E   -   T H E   U N I T E D   W O R L D   U N D E R G R O U N D   C O L L E C T I O N

Since its release on 13th October last year, I'm happy to announce that the phenomenal "United World Underground Collection " (M&E 25-01) has gone on to become our second best seller ever. The amazing 31 album 2 disc collection comes as a DVD-R data disc and playable CD, presented in an Amaray double case, available for an unbelievable 15 GBP, including p&p, via PAYPAL to himself@mickmagic.net (or e-mail for alternatives). Full details of the contents, along with sample tracks and bonus downloads, including the accompanying 64 page illustrated booklet (PDF - 53MB), are all available on the picture link. If you were EVER into Music & Elsewhere, this is an absolute must have...


T H E   B E S T   O F   M M A T T   -   F L A S H B A X   Ω   U L T I M A T E

Released by Klappstuhl Records (SP 008) in Germany in 2015, this is a digitally remastered collection of our best tracks from the cassette years, 1987-92, as voted for by fans of the band. The package also includes a second bonus album, "Flashbax Alpha II", with tracks specially selected by myself, serving to tell the story of the band in our own inimitable way. To complete your journey into Mmattland, there's a 25 page booklet, packed with photos, artwork, info, lyrics and general time travelling mayhem. Available on one of those groovy faux vinyl discs in a standard CD case, or as a download, the latter of which can be yours for only 5,00 now it's been out a while! As we like to say, enjoy muchly...


T H E   M A G I C   N E T   N E W S Z I N E   -   B A C K    I S S U E S