Artist: Magic Bullet & Friends

Title: Κολλαβορατισ (Kollaboratis)

Label: Default Standard Records

Catalogue Number: DSR#246

Release Date: 27th March 2024

Running Time: 64:18 (plus bonus video 5:02)

Format: Download

Buy Link: Bandcamp





Well, this one has certainly been a l-o-n-g time coming, but I have a feeling it's going to prove well worth the wait, I've really enjoyed putting this collection of collaborative works together. The invitation to have something on Default Standard first came our way a little over three years ago. At the time, we'd just produced that 35 minute ear-tormentor, RFA, unaccounted for then (but later ended up on Ratione Personae Mentalis), which Mr. Cosmos decided to pass on and wait for something "less difficult", rather wisely avoiding a tinnitus epidemic in his native Greece, but the invitation stood. Eleven months go by,  the idea had kind of slipped off the radar, so in the New Year of 2022, I dropped him a note to keep in touch and bounce a few ideas around. On this occasion, we came up with the idea of a collaborative split between ourselves and his Melophobia project. Yes, the Project M of myth and legend! Within three months, he'd dropped a wonderful half hour electro-experimental piece with us, Michael & Marilyn, his work was done. Two years later, he's still waiting for us to finish our contributions. Ironic that he should be releasing an album of collaborations we've done with other musicians, having had such a long wait for us fulfil ours with him, isn't it? Ah, seriously though, there have been a myriad of reasons and excuses over those 24 months as to why it wasn't coming together; ranging from taking on more projects than we could cope with in the latter half of 2022, through my mother's deteriorating health and eventual passing in the first half of 2023. The rest of the story, sad bit and happy bit, is on the previous page, The Twelve Days Of Xmas. To be honest, I was quite nervous about his reaction when I sent it in, fearing he would be really pissed off with us after all this time, but he was very understanding, loved our festive offering and consequently invited us to put together a collection for the label. So here you go, Magic Bullet and friends. This is it. Enjoy muchly!


A Collection Of Collaborations By


01. vs Spam Javelin - The Assimilation Of Spam Javelin (2:42)
02. vs GMPSCKT - Duelling Fanjos (5:46)

03. vs M. Nomized - Du Ciel Ŕ La Terre (7:45)

04. vs Gypsy - Clubbin' With Twizzle (4:50)

05. vs Mean Flow - Εννέα Πυλώνες Σοφίας (5:01)

06. vs Aura En El Espejo - Escolta (Rompiendo El Cristal) (5:25)

07. vs Zebra Mu - Quid Pro Quagga (6:27)

08. vs rADio eNd - Hypertensional Extensional (5:21)

09. vs Levente - Astra Cum Distorta (13:35)

10. vs El Zombie Espacial - Requiem Maternus (7:22)

+ Bonus with video by Gordon Way - Here (5:02)



My thanks to all of the musicians and creators we have worked with over the last four years to make this collection possible;

Neil Crud (Spam Javelin, Wales), M.J. Wright (GMPSCKT, Canada),

M. Nomized (France), Gypsy (England), Theofil Tsiolakakis (Mean Flow, Greece), Aura En El Espejo (Mexico, facilitated by Sábila Orbe, Internet Daemon, Chile), Michael Ridge (Zebra Mu, England), Ed End (rADio eNd, France), Levente Toth (England, by way of Transylvania),

El Zombie Espacial (Argentina), Gordon Way (Canada) and, of course, Dimitris Tsironis (aka Mr. Cosmos) at Default Standard!