Escolta (Rompiendo El Cristal)


Running Time: 5:25

Released On: "Aura En El Espejo - Escolta (Remixes)" - Various Artists (15 tracks)

Label: Internet Daemon

Release Date: 12th June 2021

Format: Download

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Aura en el espejo ('aura in the mirror') is "an experimental, noise, post-industrial, sound poetry, gothic music project from Hidalgo, Mexico", that's pretty much all I can tell you about the man who produced the original, as most of the information available is in more Spanish than I know! The open call to get involved came via Sábila (Cian) Orbe, one of those we keep an eye on coz he has some interesting and inspirational ideas. Skit and I like to get a 'bit international', as you know, so we were quite keen on giving this a go. And we thought we might even find out what 'sound poetry' was along the way (don't ask, we didn't), so we duly downloaded the stems (yes, we know what those are now) and waited for a slot in our diary. The day we finally sat down to do it was Tuesday 8th June, which I mention here because it was the day that Bandcamp went AWOL. "Check out the original track on Bandcamp" said the notes. And the deadline was four days away. The best laid men of mice with plans, as they say. So, we decided to go in blind. Okay, we could have

assembled the stems and listened to the original that way, but it seemed a lot of trouble to go to when we could just re-imagine it completely. So that's what we did, like the opposite of lazy, albeit with many coffee breaks.

We didn't want to mess with the spoken vocal in any significant way, not understanding enough of it to be able to do so in context, so satisfied ourselves by playing with the voice itself, effecting and multi-layering et al. All the sounds we used behind the speech were taken from the original stems, including some that were probably there unintentionally (clicks and background noise, the joys of serendipity), something we stuck to in every sample we used throughout (except the two drums, of course, they were from Dr. Magic's Audio Lab). When Bandcamp finally reappeared later in the day, we keenly downloaded all 1:22 of it, discovered we'd added 4 minutes to the original and it sounded nothing like it. Bizarrely, when I went to add a link to it for this article, being written around a month later, it has changed completely and sounds nothing like the one that ours sounded nothing like. And the cover art is different too. I still have the original original (to which there is a link at the bottom), which matches the stems from the project, so can only assume Skit and meself have jumped to yet another parallel reality. Bloody multiverses, eh? We have no idea what Seńor Aura thinks of our efforts, but we rather like it, and it was a pleasure to work with his material anyway. Oh, escolta means listen, rompiendo el cristal means 'breaking the glass', a reference to the mirror in his name, and our figuring we'd broken his track. Oops. The original original artwork for the release is to the left, we took the centre part of it and put it into a frame (behind broken glass, of course) to form part of our own accompanying graphic. Et voila, as they don't say in Mexico, coz they don't speak French there. Small world.



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Aura en el espejo - “Escolta (Original Original Version)” (1:22)