Hypertensional Extensional


Running Time: 5:21

Released On: "Reseau Culte" - rADio eNd (7 tracks)

Label: Le Colibri Nécrophile

Release Date: 2nd July 2021

Format: Download

Buy Link: Internet Archive - Free




I first came across Ed End when he was seeking tracks for his compilation album, The World Is Over, for which we delivered the ever popular (coz everyone loathes Trump) Optional Reality (I Think We're Fucked), a little over a year ago. It was a strange concept, the A Side (the 'no' vote for the continuation of mankind) was released on Yoshiwaku in Peru, the B Side (the 'yes' we want to keep going collection) was released on Zonefusion in France. We rather suspected he just likes confusing people, gave him a good grilling and soon had him admitting he's on the dole. No, hang on, I've misread my notes, he's not on the dole, he lives in Dole, which is apparently a town in France. I wonder what the unemployment rate is like there? But I digress, which is most unlike me. To be honest, we were more confused after he'd answered our questions than before, so we stopped asking them. We're not calling the label Necktar, we're not calling it Pikadon either (isn't that a Japanese cartoon?), it's Le Colibri Nécrophile, et voila. It's French for a hummingbird that likes sex with dead hummingbirds. You can see why we stopped asking questions, can't you? Don't answer that. So, the day after Digitalis came out last October, Ed / Atelier / Tympan (yes, he has other names too, don't ask!) says;

"Hey, Mick, I think we've got something to do together."

He went on to explain it was for his rADio eNd project, which Skit and I had a good listen to and decided we were more than happy to give the Bullet treatment to. Of course, we couldn't get going on it immediately coz we were busily promoting Digitalis at the time, plus we already had half a dozen other projects on file that we'd previously agreed to. Then right after the festive holiday, Boris decided to close the schools again and gave us as much as 12½ hours to re-plan our lives. So that's basically why we didn't finally get round to working on it until June, some 7 months after he'd sent it all to us. Once we did stop making excuses and got down to it, it all came together very naturally. The piece we'd selected to work on was called Hypertension, had a lovely elektro-space vibe to it that was just begging to be mashed up. We didn't know if that was quite what he had in mind, but were too scared to ask him any more questions, so we did it anyway. We really like the results. So, on June 10th, we sent him our version. And waited. Two days passed, not a word. What could we do? We couldn't ask him if he liked it, that would be a question, all sorts of chaos may ensue. So we sent a carefully worded probing PM;

"You can tell me if you don't like what we've done, our egos are very robust, promise!"
That's a complete lie, we sob together in dark corners if anyone says anything hurtful about us, but we were trying to make it easy for his conscience to bear. Then, at last, the answer came;

"Ok so thanks a lot it's... perfect."
Skit and I gave each other a big hug and dabbed away our tears of joy with a Kleenex (*other tissues are available), the man from Del Monte, he say yes (*other annoying advertisements are available)! Turns out he'd just been in the garden, that's why he hadn't seen our first message. What was he doing? We didn't ask...

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