Pigman Cut

Recorded in June 2021 for the REM Challenge


Running Time: 35:00

Later Released On: "Ratione Personae Mentalis"

Label: The Church Of Noisy Goat

Release Date: 9th March 2022

Format: Download

Buy Link: Bandcamp


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A rattle gun, very carefully wiped over to remove any fingerprints...

Ah, we've really got to look forward to doing our monthly 35 minute ear-bleeders now, this being no. 5 in the series (for which we apologise to Elling Lien and the team profusely), and 8 more to come (ditto). This month, Skit decided he wanted to explore all the noises that could be made by and created from samples of a rattle gun (also known as an impact gun or wrench), you know, those things they tighten your wheel nuts with at the local tyre fitters. He loves power tools, what can I say? So off he went in the middle of the night to break in to Kwikfit  in Cleveleys  (other fitters are available, but we're

not going to name any, so please don't press charges) to 'borrow' one for the day. Next thing we know, he's miking up our garage while we're still having breakfast (porridge, in case you're curious) and enthusiastically recording all it's whines, whirs and clacks. Being that the Bullet are a team, I figured I should go out there and give him a hand, albeit after my second coffee. There he was, pointing the thing at an old mirror in there saying;

"Are you looking at me? Are you looking at me? I don't see anybody else here."

Being that kind of friend, I would have taken a photo to share with you here, but I was somewhat concerned the police might be looking for a stolen rattle gun at the time. But I digress, which is most unlike me. With a big pile of recordings in hand and Skit still shame-faced with embarrassment, the two of us went upstairs to The Mmatterialisation Chamber so see what we could do with our ill gotten gains. The piece you hear here is the result of our efforts, every noise you hear is being made by a rattle gun, versatile little thing, isn't it?

All that remained was to find a title for our new work. The inspiration came from Charlie Brooker, who in his "Death To 2020" mockumentary, rather aptly described Donald Trump as an experimental pigman. So "Pigman Cut" it was, which by some strange coincidence, just happens to be an anagram of impact gun. Small world.

Oh, and you'll be pleased to know that Skit was back through the skylight that very night, and the staff at Kwikfit in Cleveleys still can't figure out why they couldn't find that rattle gun all day on that Thursday, but it was right back where it was supposed to be on Friday morning. Your Magic Bullet, adding a little mystery to everyday life, and let's hope it stays that way...