(The Sun Shines On Sailor Moon)


Running Time: 6:25

Released On: "Anime Compilation II" - Various Artists (16 tracks)

Label: Internet Daemon

Release Date: 25th June 2021

Format: Download

Buy Link: Bandcamp



I have a confession to make; I am not a fan of anime. That is not to say I don't like it, merely that I have never really seen any, save for a few episodes of the various Pokemon series I've had to sit through with our Twizz. But no more, it's all Captain Underpants and Horrible Histories these days. However, I am a fan of traditional Japanese music, I love the sounds of the koto (pictured above) and shamisen (annoyingly not pictured at all) in particular, so I was very keen to do this one, even if Skit was still busy playing with the electric hedgetrimmers. The pentatonic melody in this piece goes all the way back to the days of Magic Moments At Twilight Time, it was originally an idea I had for a new extended version of White Cathay, but works quite beautifully on this. Personally, I absolutely love this track,   it's  actually  quite  emotional   as  experimental  music  goes,

though Skit wants his voice on record as saying we should have added some samples of Japanese vacuum cleaners. He went out into the garden, citing musical differences, while I looked for a suitable sample of a Japanese water garden instead. The first instrument you hear being strummed, both backwards and forwards in time, the concept of which has become rather an obsession with me of late, is a koto. Sailor Moon says hello, asks how you are and thanks you, then begins to play the gentle melody on the piano that just happened to be by the side of the water. Come on, these things happen, I'm sure. The backing chords when it goes all anthemic are played on Stylophones, albeit with a touch of Magic Bullet trickery on top. It finishes, she says goodbye and leaves, stops and turns, returns to quietly play five final notes, smiles and leaves once more. Why Sailor Moon? Now that's a different story entirely. Skit wasn't the happiest about this one being released, he called it 'a bit girly' and flicked peas at me all through supper, which Twizz thought was bloody hysterical. Regardless, we reached a compromise, so; I hereby publicly declare that if there is an Anime Compilation III, our contribution will be constructed entirely using Japanese power tools. Happy now?