Found Footage


Running Time: 5:23

Released On: "Ruidismo Anti-Humanos Volumen 2" - Various Artists (58 tracks

Label: OTCRAH Records (RCOMP 03)

Release Date: 3rd July 2021

Format: Download

Buy Link: Internet Archive - Free




I think this is probably the first time we've ever contributed to a compilation that didn't have a theme of some kind, but a bit of special interest and pure serendipity combined to produce it. Skit and meself had seen a post from Gerardo Colin in Gypsy's Citadel Of Musique Expérimentale group on Facebook; "4 days to the closure of Anti-Human Ruidism Volume 2 compilation!" Gerardo is the man behind OTCRAH Records (OTC is an acronym for Obama The Cat, not sure about the RAH bit, Records And Haberdashery maybe?), based in Hidalgo, Mexico. Now that was the special interest bit, I've never had a connection in Mexico in the 35 years I've been doing this (though I confess to owning a sombrero, bought it to wind up a Rangers supporting friend when Celtic made the UEFA Cup Final in Seville). Then the serendipity, because four days and zero ideas, save those things you're already working on for other labels, is not a good combo.

I'd been downstairs making a coffee, came back up to find Skit in headphones with a big smile on his face.
"What you listening to?" I asked.

"Snap, crackle, pop!" He shouted, in that way people do when they have headphones on and forget other people can still hear fine.


So he passes me the headphones. It was me trying to get a microphone to work to record some vocals, but there was a bad connection somewhere and I was getting increasingly more frustrated while trying unsuccessfully to fix it (don't worry unduly, I did it in the end). It wasn't something I'd kept deliberately, obviously just forgotten to delete it, but it was something Skit found a deep beauty in.

"Skit like muchly," he tells me, "we toy with mercilessly, as is our way, Magic Bullet make good track of found footage."

And that's how we came up with this track for Gerardo's noble project. Must admit, I quite like the end result too. Sometimes, I don't give Skit the credit he deserves, but seriously, the guy could find beauty in a rattlesnake in a cactus patch, which by some strange coincidence, is the image on the national flag of Mexico.