Artist: Magic Bullet & Friends

Title: Communitas - Volume I

Label: Music & Elsewhere

Catalogue Number: M&E MB-005

Release Date: 1st October 2021

Running Time: 58:35

Format: Download

Buy Link: Bandcamp - GBP £5.00


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Welcome to the eclectic electro-experimental experience of Communitas! As of October 1st 2021, the Magic Bullet are two years old, so here's wishing a very happy birthday to Skit and myself (I like marzipan, he likes power tools)! Like most precocious toddlers, we didn't want to mark the occasion with 'just another album', we wanted to have a party, so we invited our friends and ordered lots of balloons and jelly. Communitas is the result. In 3 volumes? It was quite a party! It's a celebration of the counter-culture communities that have given birth to and nurtured our various incarnations across the decades. In particular, it's a celebration of the people who make these things happen in the first place; from the 'local band co-op' that started the adventure back in 1987, through the golden age of the cassette underground (expect some giants from those days!) and on to the modern digital community we are now proud to call home...


Skit stuck at the desk doing all the editing work

Mick out for lunch in Lancaster with Sam & Twizz

01. Magic Bullet - We Are Magic Bullet (0:40)

02. Magic Bullet vs Ehrlich Bullet - We At Grain Festival (33rd Anniversary

 Remix) (4:13)

03. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas I (0:13)

04. Magic Bullet vs Gypsy - Clubbin' With Twizzle (4:50)

05. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas II (0:10)

06. Magic Bullet vs Levente - Astra Cum Distorta (Orion / Outland / Arecibo)


07. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas III (0:14)

08. Magic Bullet vs MMATT - The Electric Age (5 Years On) (5:15)

09. Magic Bullet - We Say IFAR Compilations Very Good (1:00)

10. Shaun Robert - Côté Intéressant (3:01)

11. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas IV (0:12)

12. Magic Bullet - Neil Crud On Tudno FM (Studio Remix) (3:09)

13. Spam Javelin - Rate, Like, Subscribe (1:51)

14. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas V (0:16)

15. Magic Bullet vs Spam Javelin - The Assimilation Of Spam Javelin (2:42)

16. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas VI (0:16)

17. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas VII (0:12)

18. M.Nomized - The End Will Come (8:18)

19. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas VIII (0:16)

20. M.Nomized & Magic Bullet - Du Ciel À La Terre (7:45)

21. Magic Bullet & Friends - End Of Volume I (0:18)


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