18 - “The End Will Come” - M.Nomized

M.Nomized is a recording artist, mail artist, author, collagist and painter, who was born in Paris in 1956. He started his work in 1975 with contemporary music and sound research. In the subsequent 31 years he has appeared on more than 200 solo, collaboration, and compilation CD and tape releases -- on his own Fraction Studio label, and on numerous European, Japanese, and American labels. M.Nomized has recorded and created music in many different styles, including experimental, electronic, minimalist and repetitive musics, industrial, Indian music, "out", Algerian, noise, cyclic and loop-based music, children's theater, ambient, piano, and spoken word. He was involved in the homemade music scene of the 1980s and 1990s, and was well-known for his recordings as a member of No Unauthorized.





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19 - “Unitas VIII”

“And the final track on today’s Pulse Radioshow.”
“Yes, and we have a track by Magic Bullet.”
“And M.Nomized.”
“We’ll have another Pulse Radioshow next month, and thank you very much, Alex, see you next month.”
“See you next month, Darren.”

The voices of Alex Novak and Darren Harte on the Pulse Radioshow. Oh, and one interruption by ourselves, try and keep us quiet. I’ve known Alex since the early 90’s, we had a few albums on M&E from Venus Fly Trap and some of his other excellent projects. He was also a keen networker, published a zine called Bizarre (which often came with a compilation cassette) and wrote many a kind thing about us. Nowadays, he and a gentleman called Pete Dennis publish a Facebook based alternative magazine called Pulse, for which I gave an interview just recently. And, of course, there’s also the radioshow, produced alongside Harborough FM presenter, Darren Harte. The Magic Bullet thank you all for sharing with us your pixels and airwaves.

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20 - “Du Ciel À La Terre” - M.Nomized & Magic Bullet

This collaboration came about via {AN} Eel, who we shall be coming back to on Volume III. He runs a label he says would be called Charlie Dog Records, if it had a name at all, which it kinda doesn’t really, but that’s what it would be if it did. Amongst his releases, he produces a series called “Two Halves”, in which he randomly pairs off interested parties to work together on producing a track. We threw our names into the hat for Volume 7 in the spring of 2020, and we drew M.Nomized, does it get any better than that? We were happy. And rather proud of the results to boot.

Originally released on "Two Halves: Volume 7" (Charlie Dog Records, July 2020)


21 - “End Of Volume I”

This is the end of volume 1 and your life as it has been...
You have now completed the first stage of your assimilation into our collective...
You will proceed immediately to volume 2...
Our musical distinctiveness will be added to your collection...
We are the Magic Bullet...
Resistance is futile...