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it are the bad shops I’m referring to!) as this is music with an own identity…. Best ones were Sister Sinister (folk with a gothy touch), Sirenee (medieval folk, a sort of female version from Current 93), Werk (experimental indie in pure Lazika and Pram-style), Sabotage (EBM-gothpop with female vocals, almost like The Dust Of Basement….so very good indeed), The Gurus Of The New Millenium (what would have happened if The Associates were a prog-rockband) and Sleepy People who deserve to be big because they’re as crazy as The Cardiacs… And then there’s the B-side which is like a collection of ambient, indus, new-age and spacerock (with some names that are known in this zine….Magic Moments At Twillight, the Portugese Ras Al. Guhl and the Russian elektro-acoustic composer Artemiy Artemiev.)(CONTACT : UNITED WORLD GROUND, 6 FARM COURT, FRIMLEY, SURREY, GU16 5TJ, U.K.)

(E-mail : magic@uwunderground.fsnet.co.uk)


VARIOUS ARTISTS United World Underground (CD)

(United World Underground)


Those who know that since shortly United World Underground is the new name for what once was knew as Music & Elsewhere will be very surprised to see that the format this time is a CD cos Mick Magic (the founder of the label) can certainly be seen as one of the icons that made the underground be aware of how important a tape label can be. I really can’t form any decent opinion about it but fact is that you can’t stop the future….I mean, whether it is sad or not, the truth is that slowly tapes are disappearing. Always said that the format doesn’t matter so I stick to that opinion and I will concentrate myself on the musical context. I guess for Mick it must be a real hard work to select a few bands who could be part of this CD as he’s in touch with so many bands that he probably must have some pain in the heart as he couldn’t include some others cos of the limit of space. For the usual Original Sin-reader this CD must be a real sensation as there are so many bands on here that have been featured in this zine that it easily could have been called “The Sounds Of The Original Sin” or so. We have here Steve Andrews (a hippy going techno!!!!, really it must be the first time but this troubadour has embraced the sound of bleeping beats on here!), Idiom (a bit the gothy-touch on here), Blacklight Braille (too difficult to describe the weird prog-rock from Mr. Owen Knight), Neo (imagine what happens when an opera singer picks up a guitar!), Lord Litter (another troubadour)  and the Portuguese version of Tangerine Dream aka Rhas Al. Ghul. Some unknown bands on here as well (although quite familiar from name as Mick is the kind of man who gives bands useful promotion) like Into the Abyss (at times very much like levitation), Dark Star or maybe the revelation of this CD Cosmic Dance Society who sound like a poppy version from Atari Teenage Riot. This is a CD with unusual bands but their music is so unique that it becomes an usual thing to check it out if music is the love of your life! (CONTACT : MICK MAGIC, UNITED WORLD UNDERGROUND, 6 FARM COURT, FRIMLEY, SURREY, GU16 8TJ, U.K.)(music-elsewhere.hypermart.net)

(E-mail : magic@uwunderground.fsnet.co.uk)

Streuth, certainly known Captain Garry Lee a good few years now, but it seems like only yesterday he and the other mad buggers at Overflow Radio did their now legendary "Mmattland Community Radio" spoof broadcast! I have a few playlists here from sometime around 2003...



PROG 32 - HOUR 2

The Rabbits Hat-Orion              ENGLISH GARDEN

  PROG 40 - HOUR 1

Lord Litter - Softly Softly (2002) TRASH TONE
The Rabbits Hat - Free Yourself (2003) STONE PREMONITIONS
The Rabbits Hat - In my Chair (2003) STONE PREMONITIONS

  HOUR 1
 Robin O'Brien - Change (2003) LONELY WHISTLE MUSIC
The Rabbits Hat - Hard world (2003) STONE PREMONITIONS
Don Campau - Output select (2001) LONELY WHISTLE MUSIC
  HOUR 3
Terri B - Dancing at the bazaar (2003) STONE PREMONITIONS


  HOUR 1
The Rabbits Hat - Free yourself (2003) STONE PREMONITIONS
  HOUR 3
Terri B - The Bubbling bong (2003) STONE PREMONITIONS


Just the M&E relevant bits, of course, be too long otherwise and you'd be getting all bored and restless. Captain Garry Lee still sails his pirate ship, only it's a starship these days, I shall threaten him with the plank if her doesn't send me an update forthwith, ah-har... (UPDATE)

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