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The very long running bible for those seeking a little insider help when it comes to record labels, publishers, agents et al. The sad news is that John Waterman is finally hanging up his cape and retiring from the business after 25 years. As fortune would have it, John tells me he has found someone he describes as a "qualified buyer" to continue the business, while he dons his slippers and puts his feet up. May you enjoy a long and happy retirement, John, many thanks for all your support for M&E over the years. The last plug we got comes from Bandit 146, which would be quite a while ago, but I been saving it specially! You can find Bandit online at www.banditnewsletter.com, say hi from us.

ADDENDUM: The new owner's name is Jesse Wilson.


*** MUSIC & ELSEWHERE is a non-profit underground music promotional thing run for the last thirteen years by Mick Magic. M&E have built up an extensive global network of distros and mail order which handles the releases of up to 100 bands and small labels.

         The network is dedicated to helping bands, which play the music

they like rather than outright commercial stuff, distribute their

material. The music areas most appropriate to this set up is stuff like Psychedelic, Space Rock, Gothic, Electronic, Avant Garde, Pagan, Alternative and anything outside the main commercial stream.

         Mick is just switching onto the Net so I'm sure his enterprise

is on the brink of another leap forward. If you have a product in

this area - cassette, vinyl or CD or have some masters ready to

release, just send them a demo and wait, no e-mails or phone calls

initially, they have other stuff to do!!!.

 Mick Magic, MUSIC & ELSEWHERE, 6 Farm Court, FRIMLEY, GU16 5TJ,

Tel 01276 502706, magic@uwunderground.fsnet.co.uk



Bizarre was a zine done throughout the 90s by Alex Novak, the man behind the dark voice that graces The Venus Fly Trap. He was very kind with regular plugs for the M&E project, and I have a few here that appeared in issues 11-14...

MUSIC AND ELSEWHERE (Newsletter/Yearbook)
From the home of MICK MAGIC, independent networker and member of the legendary MAGIC MOMENTS AT TWILIGHT TIME. Both provide information/reviews on MMATT, but are a great source of information on the international underground scene. Contacts for bands, labels, fanzines, radio, plus more make this an essential guide for anyone involved with underground music. Along with the above activities there is a label of the same name which has released material by the likes of CONSPIRACY, WITCHES, X RAY POP, SONS OF SELINA, VENUS FLY TRAP, INTO THE ABYSS and KAVA KAVA amongst many others. With over four hundred releases of an international selection of artists, along with the AUDIOZINE compilation, it is an invaluable source of 'alternative' musics.
Contact: Music and Elsewhere, 6 Farm Court Road, Frimley, Surrey GU16 5TJ



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