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Nick and I also go back way before the days of MMATT; he was a guest at my wedding to Shona, resplendent in tail coat, motorcycle boots and a red mohican. At the time it all started, he either was or had been a flatmate/lodger for a while, so he knows where all the bodies are buried. Then he was the blonde punk on the original promo pix and legendary voice behind "The Eddie Irwin Song". Strangely enough, his career in singing never quite took off...

Magic Moments At Twilight Time Hi, Nick, and a very... um... good lunchtime to you! How's it going?
Chris Newby This is a superbe rack'n'rool photo.....G.F. HANDEL (him what the Vandals nicked....)
Nick 'Morgan' Lewis All good thanks mate, not sure about this laptop malarkey though!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time I thought the photo kind of captured your spirit, you always being the quiet one in the background! As for the laptop, if I can survive interviewing Julie White Hawk, you can survive using a laptop for an hour! So, fuck, where do we start? The sound of water trickling in a bathroom?
Nick 'Morgan' Lewis Ah, trickling water! Yes, just after you got your keyboard you started recording trickling water in the bathroom. Luckily the summer of 86 wasn't so hot that there was a water shortage!
Nick 'Morgan' Lewis In reply to Chris Newby I think that picture is good because it shows me eating an apple, very important to get your vitamins after a night of lager! Rock n' Roll indeed!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time That was for my first complete recording, guitar piece called "A House With A Haunted View", never really achieved its potential and I always fancied going back to it one day. But maybe turn the bath off first. Of course, we go back before MMATT daze, in fact here you at my wedding to Shona in the April of 1986 (pictured here with me, me mum and my late father), do you remember much about that day, I realise it was a while ago, me and Sho have been split for over 30 years now! Whoosh!

Sam Lancaster Twizz likes this pic !
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Tell her daddy wishes he still looked like that! Not that my tummy would be so much fun to bounce on, eh, Twizz? ;)
Sam Lancaster she didnít recognise you !
Nick 'Morgan' Lewis I remember the registrar thinking my hair was a hat and asking me to remove it during the ceremony :) I also remember you'd asked for a spade as a wedding present (burying bodies again) and Jamie got you one and wrapped it up. It looked amazing being carried down the road in wrapping paper. No one could guess what it was!!!!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Shit, yeah, I'd forgotten all of that stuff! When you get to my age, you sometimes think you've forgotten more than you ever knew in the first place! Well, early days, and you were there, this is (I think) my first attempt at putting together a demo from all my earliest sessions, and you can just make yourself out on the cover, which came opportunistically from an accidental double exposure. I did, of course, use the title again, I think it sold 3 copies...

Nick 'Morgan' Lewis 3 copies is 3 copies, most people never sell 3 copies of anything they have ever done so all good! I tell you what else I remember from early MMATT was the lyric 'Exit 1 our dear departed', I can still hear Shona singing that!
Julie Howell Does Nick 'Morgan' Lewis know that while 'interviewing' him you're private messaging me on the side? Rude.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Well, he's a bit slow on the laptop keyboard, but no, he doesn't know... ;)
Nick 'Morgan' Lewis He's always been rude!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time From "The Scroll", yeah, probably one of our more obscure pieces long term, certainly nowt that's been digitised as yet. You were a great help in those very early days, I remember the two of us sneaking around Camberley town centre in the wee small hours, gluing (probably from your personal stash!) up MMATT posters everywhere. Then in the April, you agreed to pose in our very first ever promo pix. I love this one, "the husband and wife duo from north west Surrey with their rebellious teenage son"!

Julie Howell As an ultimate act of rebellion, I think he's turned his laptop off.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Let's hope not. Exocet, Exocet, wherefor art thou, Exocet?
Julie Howell Play "Tarts" to pass the time.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Just fuck right off, you!
Julie Howell "Peel off me y-fronts, they stick like glue..." There you go, another dodgy glue reference.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Blush.
Julie Howell Watch it, I'll call Ina Stew in here.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Apparently, the cat jumped on his laptop. Nick, not Ian West.
Julie Howell In Nick's house that's an occupational hazard.
Nick 'Morgan' Lewis Thixopix's gluing skills came in handy in the end! I remember the photo shoot well, I think we met up in the Light Bite before hand (think Greggs now) and you had told me to wear something good. Unfortunately I'd been a dirty stop out the night before and had to come straight from someones house in all my leather clobber, it was boiling hot. You two as it transpired, were much more sensibly dressed!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Absolutely. Let's just ignore Howell and carry on like responsible adults. So, the picture we eventually used was the 'Busby' one, as you and Jamie insisted on calling it. I think this would have been Chris Carter's first visual impression of MMATT too. Can't imagine why we didn't become overnight famous with such an accessible mainstream image. Shona I talked to last weekend, you currently, Teddy was a more tragic tale, as you know, years of drugs, booze and debauchery, now just a shell of his former self and stuffing coming out of every orifice. So, the big question, who was it that took me to THAT Charles gig, was it you or was it Eddie Irwin?