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Magic Moments At Twilight Time Oh, and the other thing - "Hey, Mick, the Ford Escortron was just a cartoon, grow up, man, it wasn't real!" Is that right?
Magic Moments At Twilight Time The next step in the MMATT story was the coming together of the original foursome. Of course, I was married to Shona Moments at the time, so didn't have to look far for a good voice to front the outfit. And, as luck would have it, the other two musicians kind of fell into my lap courtesy of the legend that is... or was, bless him... Mr. Eddie Irwin. He'd played Shona and my original demo ("State Of The Art", C-4003, March 1987) to a young couple down the road called Jay and Kate. Before I knew it, he'd arranged a meet, Jay came down with his bass, we pressed 'play/record' and kept going till the tape ran out. This was the result. We liked it so much we stuck it on the back of our first live tape as a bonus track. Also, being 35 minutes long, it's perfect to get some lunch, have a cup of tea, or just dance round the house like a crazy person, enjoy muchly, see you about 13:30 (BST/UTC+1)...

Jay Time knocks out some cool bass at 6 Farm Court...

Magic Moments At Twilight Time Of course, if anyone wants to say hi in the meantime, I'll be sitting right here with me rolls and soup! :)
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Mexican spicy tomato soup, who can resist it?
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Just noticed a 'like' has appeared from Walt Thisney main man, Fernando Cerqueira Thisco, while I've been stuffing my face, I wonder if he's still there?
Walt Thisney Sometimes he is there, eheh !!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time And a very good afternoon to you, Mr. T, how's the weather in Portugal? Bloody awful here today, cloudy and wet!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Sometimes he is there, eheh... sometimes he is not... :(
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Well, if you hit 'play' at the same time as me, "Sister Jody" has just finished and you'll be thinking - "That's one serious lump of MMATT, Mr. Magic, how's about something else?" You asked so nicely, how can I say no? I was gonna get Mr. Walt Thisney to pick another track from his album for us if he was still around, buy hey, the best laid men of mice with plans and all that. Let's move on...
Walt Thisney The weather here is very good, sunny and hot !
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Oh, there you are! I'm on DsorDNE now, but I will be coming back to you via Rasalasad a bit later on, hope you'll still be around. As for 'sunny and hot', we had about three months of that... until the schools broke up for the summer holiday! Grrr!

Magic Moments At Twilight Time So it's back to the MMATT story now. Following Jay's sensational (albeit somewhat stoned) "Sister Jody" audition, needless to say, he got the job. Kate originally joined as his 'official groupie', but when we discovered she was a competent keyboardist and knew her way around a synthesizer or two, she became the fourth and final member. With everybody on board, we did our first gig at Frimley Community Centre in the June of '87, then set off to London to record two tracks for Earworm Records the following month. This is the first of those, you may know it, "State Of The Art"...

Top: Earworm Records' "Tapeworm Volume One" (OHR 031, 1987)
Bottom: MMATT live at Frimley Community Centre, June 1987

Magic Moments At Twilight Time Ah, the memories of driving up the M3 towards London during the Monday morning rush hour, old silver sideboard on the roof of the Ford Escortron (we had to take the psychotronic drive off for the trip), causes quite a bit of wind resistance, I can tell ya...

Magic Moments At Twilight Time MMATT Story Part 6 - Now four strong with live and studio experience, we set about producing our own debut album, confusingly titled "At Twilight Time" by Magic Moments, aka "The Magic Moments Album", thus differentiating it from "Magic Moments" by At Twilight Time", aka "The At Twilight Time Album". From the former, this is "Story X", vocal by Shona Moments, keys and synths by Kate Twilight, bass by Jay Time. When you're sitting comfortably, I shall begin...

"Step from your acidic dream and welcome to The Ta'inge

Stick with me, you'll never die, we're both a little strange."