That was 2004. By 2006, I was seriously thinking about getting something going again. I'd seen my name mentioned on some 'cassette-culture' forum and posted a comment saying I'd heard I was dead. Suddenly, I found myself in touch again with some of the very underground legends that had inspired me so much in the beginning, surely that would be enough to light a proverbial rocket in the backside?


Apparently not. But it didn't stop me persevering with my procrastination. March 2007 would have been the 20th anniversary of our first releases, so I dutifully earmarked that date for the beginning of an online magazine to celebrate the glories of underground culture. Then I thought about it, maybe the 21st anniversary had a bit more of a ring to it, maybe I should put the idea back till then. Only something else came up and I should do that first and it wasn't the right time and this and that and the other.


And so came 2008. Now what? I think I must have used every excuse in creation to put it off by then, surely I wouldn't be able to think of another good one? How about 50 years after I was adopted, I was tracked down by my birth-mother? And that's exactly what happened, which, as you can imagine, was something of a distraction. Half a century as an only child and I find myself with a brother. As luck would have it, one that persuaded me to go on Facebook, where I suddenly rediscovered huge numbers of former underground contacts. Surely this would be the inspiration I needed!

Apparently not. But it did at least inspire me to put together a United World Underground page for Facebook and start learning how to make a website. Oh boy, this was it, it was really going to happen! No, it was. Really. Only it turned out that doing websites is a whole lot more complicated than desk-top publishing a newszine. I may be very clever, being a Doctor Of Psychotronics et al, but I didn't know my arse from my elbow when it came to cascading style sheets. So I bought myself a nice big book home study course on web design. Soon, the global internet would be mine.


So I spent about a year studying from this book, learnt lots of new swear words and finally felt brave enough. I purchased a domain name and put aside the entire summer of 2010, this would be it! Only then I accidentally tripped over my birth-father's family and suddenly had two more brothers and a sister and all sorts of wholly unexpected new issues to deal with, which, as you can imagine, was something of a distraction. Then Sam and I got married and now we're in the process of moving to the other end of the country, BUT... I just couldn't put it off any longer. I mean, come on, the 25th anniversary! Today, I are mostly been swearing at the computer, but I wanted to get something done, from little acorns and all that stuff. It begins here...

All good things,

Mick Magic

Well, okay, that's not exactly it, BUT...

'twas indeed 25 years ago today, way back on 11th March 1987, that I released the three demo cassettes that started it all;


C-4001 "Magic Moments At Twilight Time"

C-4002 "W20 Advance Guard"

C-4003 "State Of The Art"


Five years later, what began as an outlet for my own Magic Moments At Twilight Time stuff, had transformed into the Music & Elsewhere label, releasing the diverse sounds of the global underground. Sixteen years after that, in the May of 2003, our final batch of releases went out, taking the grand total to 599 (it would have been 600, only the Rise 2003 edition of the UWU Audiozine was never released). At that point, the United World Underground project rather ground to a halt. Admittedly, it'd been faltering for a while before that, but its ultimate demise was never planned, it just sort of happened. Looking back at some old mail, it looks like I was planning to get something going online within a year of that. I deserve a good spanking, I know. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking. Either way, nothing happened.