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Gina Fear (England)

M&E 004 & Gypsy - The Shame That Binds




   Now The Hunters (6:45)



The Fiends Of Zacharia (England)

M&E 135 You Had A Choice (Dec-92)



   Deprived (3:08)



The Flowers Of Romance (Greece)

*See also The Blackout Radio Show

M&E 088 The Story So Farů (Jul-92)



   Kashmir (3:25)



   Pleasure And The Pain (5:23)



The Folkoffs (U.S.A.)

*See also Barking Dogma / Kevyn Dymond / Cynde Gehman

M&E 291 River Of Molten Cheese (Jan-95)



   Coffee Love Jig (4:57)



4Q (Wales)

*See also Sons Of Selina

M&E 283 The Very Breast Of 4Q (Jan-95)



   Imagine (2:28)



Das Freie Orchester (Germany)

*See also Lord Litter

M&E 071 Brain Salad (Jul-92)
M&E 138 Delay '91 (Dec-92)



   Ain't That A Tear (Live) (5:10)



              *BONUS FREE DOWNLOAD

"DFO Archive 1986-88"

(M&E 25th Anniversary Special, 2017)



factor X (England)

M&E 145 Directions (Apr-93)



   Directions (3:20)



Feces Connoisseurs (Germany)

*See also Cosmic Dance Society / Crimson Revelation / Folterchrist IV

M&E 308 Morbidizer Nurunizer Slam (Sep-95)



   Morbidizer Nurunizer Slam (7:54)



Fleischpost (Austria)

M&E 216 Ruine / Maschine / Los Jetzt! (Oct-93)



   Macre (3:09)



Flowers Of Sacrifice (England)

*See also FOS / Patchbay Yum Yum / Andy Sacrifice / X13

M&E 155 Flower Power (Apr-93)
M&E 276 Never Loved Eldritch (Oct-94)



   Asylum (4:08)



Folterchrist IV (Germany)

*See also Cosmic Dance Society / Crimson Revelation / Feces Connoisseurs



   Golgotha (3:59)



FOS (England)

*See also Flowers Of Sacrifice / Patchbay Yum Yum / Andy Sacrifice / X13

M&E 405 Friends Come In Boxes (Oct-97)



   Words Of Ice (4:49)





Siegmar Fricke (Germany)

M&E 048 Electrohome Europa (Jul-92)
M&E 191 Booster (Jul-93)
M&E 244 Speedhouse & Exoticore (Jan-94)



   Simon Cohen (4:46)



Friction (Scotland)

M&E 187 Vindolanda (Jul-93)


Sadly, there's nothing to listen to, Friction stubbornly remain the only M&E artist we don't have at least one solitary track by. The master cassette didn't survive the ensuing decades, and likely because that was the only one they ever released with us, they were never included on any of our compilations either. On top of all that, in spite of quite some effort, I have never managed to track down any band member or find any trace of their existence online since. All I can offer is this review from the original M&E Catty Log for you to read and imagine. Of course, should a band member ever read this...

E IS FOR...