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Halo Svevo (Germany)

M&E 232 Split with Patternclear - Split Tape (Oct-93)



   In The Night And Away From Home



Alex Hayes  (U.S.A.)

*See also Blaine Jones

M&E 579 Shades Of Being (May-03)



   Shutter Alarm (5:48)



Heat Beat Cut (Germany)

M&E 024 Too Late To Scream (Apr-92)



   America Turn Inward (6:02)



Hecate's Dreams (England)

*See also Magic Moments At Twilight Time (Damien Page - guest on "Creavolution")

M&E 256 Rape Of The Fly (Apr-94)



   Sweet Hecate's Dreams (6:45)



   Enjoy The View (4:28)



   Bearded Lady (3:55)


An Online Chat With Damien Page (August 2018)


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Hecate's Dreams - "Rape Of The Fly"

(M&E 256, April 1994)






Histatic Charge (U.S.A.)

M&E 150 Why Do I Always Hafta Do The Dishes? (Apr-93)



   Why Do I Always Hafta Do The

 Dishes (1:04)



   Too Many Cats In The Kitchen (1:38)



Holland / Skin / Tunnel (U.S.A.)

M&E 330 Holland/Skin/Tunnel (Jan-96)



   I Want To Live In A Refrigerator (19:59)

Trevor Hall & The Third State (England)

M&E 029 In Subconscious Moments (Apr-92)
M&E 030 Alone In The Crowd (Apr-92)

M&E 031 Tomorrow's Classics Played Today (Apr-92)
M&E 032 Locked In History (Apr-92)
M&E 095 Altered States (Dec-92)
M&E 179 Victims Of Circumstance (Apr-93)
M&E 380 Lights In The Darkness (May-97)



   Walking In The Shadows (2:47)



Eric Hausmann (U.S.A.)

M&E 148 Mr.Coffee (Apr-93)



   A Total Nothiness (4:43)




Heavy Vampires On Nuclear Waste (England)

*See also Gypsy

M&E 006 Coupe De Grace (Apr-92)
M&E 007 Wherever You May Be

(Burley Gilliam Jr.) (Apr-92)
M&E 057 Anticipations Of Hope (Jul-92)
M&E 058 Whose Dream Is This Anyway? (Jul-92)
M&E 059 4U Orbiting DV8 / On Leaving Arzathon (Jul-92)
M&E 090 Way Past Midnight / The Breathelizer Tape (Dec-92)



   Retarded Alien Pizza Pirates (9:36)



Heiland Solo (Austria)

M&E 316 The Native (Sep-95)



   Mediocrity Is A Weapon (4:49)





Herr Albrecht (Germany)

*See also U Schnellu

M&E 233 You Know When You've Been Tango'd (Oct-93)



   Barriers (7:45)



Toshiyuki Hiraoka (Japan)

M&E 021 Split Tape - Kronstadt / Toshiyuki Hiraoka

M&E 284 & Okaniwa Fumihiro - Volume 1 (Jan-95)
M&E 285 & Okaniwa Fumihiro - Volume 2 (Jan-95)
M&E 554 T (Apr-00)
M&E 591 & Dave-iD Busaras - T And Bushy Luxury (Not The Whole Story - Special Edition) (May-03)



   T - Track 10 (2:03)



   Wake Up (with Dave-iD Busaras) (4:14)



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Toshi Hiraoka & Fumihiro Okaniwa - "Volume 1"

(M&E 284, January 1995)


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