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Andy Sacrifice (England)

*See also Flowers Of Sacrifice / FOS / Patchbay Yum Yum / X13

M&E 306 People Juggler (May-95)



   Shroud For Night (3:40)



Alex Schiavi (Italy)

M&E 239 Inferno (Oct-93)



   Lasciate Ogni Speranza (7:12)



Markus Schwill (Germany)

M&E 211 Kunstler Toten Kunstler (Oct-93)



   The Romarri (H't Aus) (11:15)



Screamworld (Australia)

*See also Troll

M&E 311 Screamworld (Sep-95)



   # @ ¥ Ç § % $ Ñ é * ? ? ? (3:57)



Shay (England)

M&E 583 Dreamers & Stalkers (May-03)



   Lying Awake At Night (4:32)



Sigis Bruder / Sigi E (Austria)

M&E 218 Sigi E - Solo 1992 (Oct-93)
M&E 278 Sigis Bruder - Leftovers (Oct-94)



   Sigis Bruder - Husbands And Wives



   Sigi E - It's A Hard Life In The Mountains (5:37)



Silverspoon (Germany)

M&E 491 Ecdyson (Sep-99)



   Away (13:04)



Solanaceae Tau (Germany)

M&E 023 Outdoor Expressions (Apr-92)
M&E 346 Club Des Haschischins (May-96)
M&E 599 Voices From The Ground Behind (May-03)



   Ballad Of Bedham (3:41)



The Sonic Arcana (England)

*See also Doctor Brown

M&E 464 Enter The Sonic Arcana (Jan-99)



   Sweater (6:06)


Sabotage - Qu'Est-Ce Que C'Est? (Germany)

M&E 143 Sabotape (Dec-92)
M&E 236 In Your World (Oct-93)
M&E 282 Maschinensturm (Jan-95)
M&E 294 Les Danses Sauvages (May-95)
M&E 324 Sensuous Magic (Jan-96)



   Slavery (4:20)



   La Lune (5:32)



Sanity Assassins (U.S.A.)

M&E 356 Sanity Assassins (Nov-96)



   Lack Of Trust (2:47)



Schmertz Der Welten (Germany)

*See also Mr. Ebu / Jet Set, Die Radio Escobar Mit Herr Ebu / Die Traktor

M&E 176 Schmertz Magic (Apr-93)
M&E 403 PostNDWpophardcoreschlager (Oct-97)



   Das Einzige Was Mich An Den

Siebzigern Gestört Hat (7:20)


Scrooge (Austria)

*See also Those Who Survived The Plague / Werk

M&E 315 Happy What Else (Sep-95)
M&E 385 Die Hip-Hop Maschine Plus! (May-97)



   2nd (4:06)



Siela (Lithuania)

M&E 280 Black Opium Land (Oct-94)
M&E 320 Meeting Own Star (Sep-95)



   Salvadoro Dali (4:45)



Silverskin (England)

M&E 447 More Than One Way (Jul-98)



   Showdown (5:54)



SiRenée (Austria)

*See also BDF / Bild Der Frau

M&E 558 Distance (Apr-00)



   Distance (4:29)



Sister Sinister (Norway)

M&E 559 Sister Sinister (Apr-00)



   Gazer (4:18)



Sleepy People (England)

M&E 442 Blunt Nails In A Sharp Wall (Jul-98)
M&E 560 Paint A Ceiling On The Sky (Apr-00)



   Soporific Life (5:47)


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