From when Music & Elsewhere became the label name in April 1992, each batch of new releases would simply be reviewed in our quarterly newszines. However, within a year of that, we'd topped 200 releases, and any new supporters coming along wouldn't know most of them existed, thus the idea came about to produce a catalogue. The first edition was published in May 1993, covering releases up to M&E 186. With regular updates being added in the newszines, that seemed to solve the problem for a while. But of course, with even the best laid men of mice with plans, there are always flaws, and by the beginning of 1995, and 334 releases into the adventure, The Catty Log had become a very expensive item to post (*in the old days, we had to put things in envelopes and jiffy bags and pay to have them personally delivered to the recipient by a postman) monster. Thus came the first cull, removing some of our titles that hadn't generated much interest (a decision I have to say I regret now, as everything we put out was of value) and producing a new leaner "Best Of Catty Log", complete with Roy Conolly's iconic cover art, recently reworked and given a new lease of life as the cover of "Decadion 2". We got 3˝ years out of that one, but come the summer of 1998, having passed the 500 mark, it was time to tidy things up again and there came "The Best Of Music & Elsewhere" catalogue. And here it is, all 36 glorious pages of it, lovingly scanned for your visual pleasure. There were only 96 more releases before M&E came to a halt in 2003, so it was the last of its kind. I hope you'll enjoy looking through it as much as I have, either via the index or the little arrows at the bottom of each page...

Mick Magic

The Cover Section (samplers and info)

Front Cover - A fine piece of artwork from Ray Elf

Welcome Page - Um, well, it's like the page that welcomes you

Compilations Page B - M&E Showcases Vols. 1-6 (Oct. 94 to May 96), "Better Things Are Electric" (SH-03), "All Things Dark And Beautiful" (SH-04), "Around The World In 90 Minutes" (SH-05), "Subterranean Psychefest" (SH-07)and "Cherchez La Femme" (SH-10)

Compilations Page C - M&E Showcase Vol. 7 (Nov 96), M&E Audiozines Nos. 1-6 (May 97 to Jul. 98)

The Main Catalogue (active projects)

Page 01 - Alien Planetscapes, Alphane Moon / Our Glassie Azoth, Steve Andrews

Page 02 - Anima Mundi, BDF, Don Campau & Robin O'Brien

Page 03 - Chateau De Fleurs, Cheapo Card Company

Page 04 - A Wil Walker cartoon

Page 05 - Christ!, Communication Union

Page 06 - The Conspiracy, Cosmic Dance Society

Page 07 - Feces Connoisseurs / Folterchrist IV, Dark Star

Page 08 - Doctor Brown, Earth, Endymion

Page 09 - Equinox Revolution, Eye, The Flowers Of Romance

Page 10 - Qubais Reed Ghazala, Grass Harp

Page 11 - Into The Abyss, Invisible Universe, Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu

Page 12 - Jaws Of The Flying Carpet / Rotton Kidz, The Jelicons

Page 13 - Kava Kava, Kelektrik, The Legendary Poptones

Page 14 - Lord Litter, Love In A Plague

Page 15 - Magic Moments At Twilight Time, L.G. Mair Jr.

Page 16 - Paracon, Mlehst, Mr. Moto, Mugwump

Page 17 - Dave Munkhoff, The Now, Oberon, Operattack

Page 18 - The Original Mind, Otherworld

Page 19 - Ras.Al.Ghul, Sabotage, Sanity Assassins

Page 20 - Scrooge, Siela, Solanaceae Tau

Page 21 - Sons Of Selina, Sound Inhaler

Page 22 - Space Invaders, The Rabbit's Hat, Terri B

Page 23 - Mr. Quimby's Beard, Stormclouds, Strangebrew

Page 24 - Sweet William, Psychedelic Dancefloor, TMR, This Elegant Chaos

Page 25 - This Window, Titania Moon, Troll

Page 26 - The Venus Fly Trap / Nova Galaxie Robotnik

Page 27 - The Witches, Al.X, X-Ray Pop

Page 28 - "Decadion" (M&E 400)


The Back Catalogue (inactive projects & lost contacts, which happened a lot before the web!)

Page I - Gypsy, Unpleasant Surprise, Paradox, The Drum Fondu, Galactic Lilah, Siegmar Fricke, Who Moved The Ground?, Sponge, Viktimized Karcass, Axemaster, The Charles, Emmellar, Karg, Endzeitgeneration, Almost Human, Cyborg Sex Babies, Cerise Eclipse, Tommy Mill Home

Page II - Sosumi, The Invisible Band, Introit, Leviathan, Naj, Mana Erg, Sigi E, Sigis Bruder, Animal Factory, Twister, Cristian Vogel, Elza, The Rorschach Garden, Hecate's Dreams, X13

Page III - The Flowers Of Sacrifice, Andy Sacrifice, Disc, Toshiyuki Hiraoka & Okaniwa Fumihiro, Zartipo, Trelkovsky, Religious Overdose, Holland/Skin/Tunnel, Ignite, L'Edarps A Moth, The Calculus Affair, The Folkoffs, Kevyn Dymond & Mark Shafer, Das Freie Orchester

Page IV - 4Q, The Thamesmead Rollers, Screamworld, Internal Autonomy and the following vintage compilations; "The Guilfin Benefit Tapes" (Nos. 1-4), "The Best Of M&E 1992/93", "Life, The Underground And Everything" and "Grain-Aid!"