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was achieved. I will never forget the postman delivering heavy boxes of test pressings & final versions…. Pure Magic! Then came our Split 7” Blue Vinyl release with Trespassers W, followed by the “Sword of Damocles” CD album, in 1998. In 2000 JAR MUSIC released our “Ghost” CD EP & we became label mates with members of XTC, The Damned & Martin Newell. Almost Famous! The Noughties beckoned….


DAVE: “Poison Crawl” came out on M&E in 97 and was essentially “Ghost” & what was to become the “Sword of Damocles“ album, though probably not as well mixed as there was a very steep learning curve going on for me. This was also where Clive Bray came onboard, mainly as producer & that upped the quality several notches. It also meant that we started taking ages over each track trying to get a more professional sound. Which I think we achieved, eventually!

MM: I think TC are a fine example of work and dedication, it shows exactly what can be accomplished if you buckle down and focus on what matters to you. You most definitely deserved your high position on our best selling artistes chart, I hope you’ll yet get a lot of pleasure looking back over your achievements. And I’m sorry for all the piss-taking about you singing like Ashley from ‘Coronation Street,’ I hear you’ve nearly recovered from the psychological damage now! So when and how did the band finally come to an end?

DUNCAN: Thanks for the compliments, Mick. Better late than never!


MM: I’m fickle.


DUNCAN: By the way, I never sounder like Ashley… that was Craig! Or Mark? Most reviewers have compared me to Damon Albarn or Ray Davies, which is far more acceptable & fair, dammit!!!


MM: I wish I could fly, right up to the sky, but I can’t… J


DUNCAN: Anyway, from 2001 to 2006 Dave, Clive Bray & myself worked endlessly on the “CAGED” CD LP, which finally came out on GALLIPOLI RECORDS in Summer 2006 to excellent reviews. (“Pure brilliance… a must have” – DIE SHELLSUIT DIE Magazine, 2006).

You asked me when did TC end? It hasn’t really…. Just hibernated for long periods! Since 2007 Dave & I have continued to record original material and we have nearly enough songs to release another album. If anyone out there is interested in a new TC release, please get in touch!


DAVE: We certainly put a lot of work in, especially in later years for the CD’s. Although things have quietened down a bit, Duncan & I are still writing & recording when we can. We just haven’t been promoting it for a while. So, NO we haven’t called it a day just yet…!

The Conspiracy's Duncan Pope and our Sensemillia soaking up some of that booze at Cap'n Jaspers on the Plymouth waterfront.


MM: Which brings us up to date and life in Plymouth in 2012. Sam and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit last year (especially the mighty Wombles picking up all three points at Argyle) it’s quite a vibrant and lively place, finally getting to meet you (and Jayne) was a great pleasure. And Cap’n Jaspers was something else! Now THAT was a burger! You (Duncan) sing with Plymouth punksters, Pineapple, these days, how’s all that going and what is Dave up to?


DUNCAN: Yep, it was great to finally meet you & Sam in Plymouth. Even if your team beat the (once) mighty Greens! My local Punk band “PINEAPPLE” are still going (Facebook: Pineapple Plymouth) and I have also collaborated with Dave Muud of LOOP GURU on our “ROUNDWAY WRONG” project, from 2007 on…..

RWR had a Vinyl box set released on legendary label ONEC RECORDS in 2011. So I’m still very involved in music/ lyric writing when time allows and it keeps me almost sane! Almost…


DAVE: When work & Family permit I’m still writing new songs & sending them down to Duncan to add lyrics, hopefully we’ll get together in Plymouth in the New year and have some more tracks for release later on in 2013…!


MM: Which just leaves it to thank you both for taking the time to talk to me, and twas an absolute pleasure to meet yourself and your good lady, Duncan. Oh, and ta for the Pineapple CD, I shall look forward to a good pogo in the dining room later on!


DUNCAN: Thanks for all the fun M&E years, Mick. Your support helped give us the belief to simply keep going. Hi to Sam & Bump! & Hi to all the Networkers/ Collaborators out there… Over & Out




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Duncan and I enjoying a few pints in an historic Plymouth pub on top of the city's famous Mayflower Steps.