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  Couples who give up their lives for the benefit of others are understandably rare. Somehow, it didn't seem enough just to send them a few quid each year. Especially when we found out their running costs were circa £2,000 a month. And that was 20 years ago! Although the Music & Elsewhere Newsletter was entirely about underground music and related, the Summer 1994 issue included the first of what became regular plugs for the sanctuary. Life was frantically busy in those days; aside from running M&E, which was getting close to a full time job in itself, I also drove a taxi to keep the bills paid and tried to have some semblance of a personal life. There wasn't really much time to get involved in anything else, as much as we would have liked to. So to start with, it was just an annual cheque towards Amos' carrot budget and a regular plug in the M&E News. I'm not sure when we first went to visit on one of the Open Days. The first photos I have are from 2002, but I'm sure we got there in the 90's at some point. The Summer 1998 issue of our newsletter gives the dates of a few of their Open Days and says "Me and Sammi will most likely be there for one of them." But who knows, there are times I swear I've forgotten more than I ever knew. It's me age, bless me.

In the Spring 2000 issue, we'd decided to up the stakes, we wanted a plaque on one of their stable doors! Beyond adoption, there was also Hopefield's sponsorship scheme. You could sponsor animals for various amounts, from £150 for a goat, all the way up to £800 for a nice big horsey. And for that, you got a plaque on the door with your name on, which we thought would be rather nice. So the deal we published was that whatever amount of money our supporters sent in, I would personally make it up to the next sponsorship amount. Plus me and Sam would go and work there for a weekend and get all muddy. With pictures. For some unknown reason, though possibly 'work' and 'muddy' provide some clues, that latter part never happened. Initially, it didn't look like the former bit would either. The piece in the opposite column is reprinted from the New Year 2001 edition of the new UWU Newszine. Sorry it's a little fuzzy, but the print version of that one was damaged. There is a webified version on this website if you don't want to do your eyes any damage, which you can find HERE, just wanted to include the original reprint for period feel, you understand. It was actually the first issue done on a PC, rather than typewriter / cut 'n paste et al. It also turned out to be the last full newsletter we published, as things would turn out. Anyway, it did the trick, we did get the extra donations from our supporters and we did end up with a plaque. And this is the bit that our supporters from back in the day would never have known. As luck would have it, I still had the notes that were supposed to go into the next UWU Newszine, the May 2003 edition that never happened. So here, for the first time, you actually get to read it...

"Hopefield Animal Sanctuary Ė You may recall we were nagging frantically for donations to this most wondrous of worthy causes, and we didnít do bad in the end. Think you all sent in a little over £70 in total, and, as promised, we  made it up to the next sponsorship price, which was £150. We had a lovely day at the sanctuary last August, met up with Paula & Ernie and made them pose for one of those naff cheque presentation pictures you see in local newspapers. They didnít want to, but I explained all of you would think Iíd run away and spent all the money on marzipan otherwise. So hereís the proof, thatís me giving the cheque to Paula, so there! Fancy thinking Iíd be off down the 

Obviously posed naff cheque presentation picture with Paula & me

*Reprinted from the New Year 2001 edition of the UWU Newszine

sweetie shop with charity money, shame on you. I mean, do I look like I spend time in sweetie shops? So anyway, in spite of there being a horsey there called Magic, we decided to sponsor Buster , coz he was a goat and they are much cheaper to sponsor than horseys and all we could