The very first ever sale of a Music & Elsewhere cassette was on 16th March 1987. The legend that was Eddie Irwin, sadly no longer with us, flogged a copy to a bloke called Sam who worked at Frimley Park Hospital. The cassette in question was the "State Of The Art" demo album (C-4003) by my own band, Magic Moments At Twilight Time. The very last sale was via mailorder, received on 19th February 2004, the unwitting purchaser entering the M&E Hall Of Fame being one Mark Beard. The album he bought was Judge Trev & Nik Turner's "Judgement & Thunder" (M&E 440), which coincidentally was our best selling title not of our own production. This chart is compiled from those two sales and every single purchase between them. With the ridiculous amount of albums we released and the 17 year span, it just HAD to be a Top 100. I realise that means some serious scrolling, but nothing less would have done it justice. Final thing; I've left out our own M&E compilation albums because it would have robbed the Top 100 of 30 places and this is about celebrating the bands we released, not the label itself. For those who are interested, the biggest selling compilations won't surprise you; our second biggest selling release of all time was "Life, The Underground & Everything" (MMATT 42), followed closely in third by "Decadion" (M&E 400). Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin...

# ARTISTE TITLE Cat. No. Released
1 Magic Moments At Twilight Time Creavolution MMATT CD1 Sep-95
2 Magic Moments At Twilight Time White Hawk Atomic MMATT 34 Jan-92
3 Magic Moments At Twilight Time At Twilight Time (The Magic Moments Album) / Psychotron 0 C 4013/MMATT 20 Nov-87
4 Judge Trev & Nik Turner Judgement & Thunder M&E 440 Jul-98
5 Steve Andrews Dive In Deep M&E 296 May-95
6 Magic Moments At Twilight Time Zoen Nostalgia / II Earthbound MMATT 30-33 Jul-89
7 The Witches Witchcraft (Welcome All To The Solstice Sabbath) M&E 347 May-96
8 Sons Of Selina Ambition M&E 054 Jul-92
9 The Witches The Witches M&E 214 Oct-93
10 Sons Of Selina Paradise Mile M&E 250 Jan-94
11 Stormclouds Psychotronic M&E 125 Dec-92
12 Wobble Jaggle Jiggle Fresh Today M&E 112 Dec-92
13 Wobble Jaggle Jiggle What? M&E 075 Jul-92
14 Gurus Of The New Millennium Gurus Of The New Millennium I M&E 444 Jul-98
15 Titania Moon Slipstream M&E 336 May-96
16 Sons Of Selina Now Give Me Back My Cake M&E 321 Sep-95
17 The Conspiracy Out Of The Blue M&E 300 May-95
18 Steve Andrews From Venus With Love M&E 359 Nov-96
19 Magic Moments At Twilight Time Vol.4 / Live At Frimley Community Centre / And Other Live Moments C-4010-12/MMATT 24 Jul-87
20 Wild Rain Live At The Square M&E 377 Jan-97
21 The Conspiracy Poison Crawl M&E 391 May-97
22 The Invisible Band Occam's Razor M&E 164 Apr-93
23 Sons Of Selina The Dilemma Sessions M&E 158 Apr-93
24 Magic Moments At Twilight Time Magic Moments (The At Twilight Time Album) / Experimental Twilight C-4014/MMATT 25 Nov-87
25 Cosmic Dance Society Our Gods & Users M&E 297 May-95
26 Into The Abyss Martyrium M&E 202 Jul-93
27 Pseudo Sun Aliens Only M&E 443 Jul-98
28 Barra The Mini Album M&E 258 Apr-94
29 Sigis Bruder Leftovers M&E 278 Oct-94
30 Titania Moon Fazes M&E 370 Jan-97
31 This Elegant Chaos The Virtue Circle M&E 432 Jan-98
32 Magic Moments ATT & The Charles Mick & Chris On Acid… The Album! / Acidic Dreams With Sister Jody C-4005/MMATT 23 May-87
33 Christ! Please Don't Touch My Yoghurt MMATT 31/M&E 042 Oct-89
34 Into The Abyss Cosmogonia M&E 472 Jan-99
35 Alien Planetscapes Celestial Dance Hits M&E 253 Jan-94
36 Communication Union Where Land Meets Water M&E 249 Jan-94
37 Doctor Brown Live At Hebden Bridge M&E 292 Jan-95
38 The Thamesmead Rollers (TMR) Ghosts M&E 337 May-96
39 Endymion Endymion M&E 415 Oct-97
40 The Thamesmead Rollers Wasted Years M&E 119 Dec-92
41 The Flowers Of Romance The Story So Far M&E 088 Jul-92
42 The Original Mind Band Evolver M&E 175 Apr-93
43 Kava Kava Bdoing Phhtt M&E 266 Jul-94
44 Gurus Of The New Millennium Gurus Of The New Millennium II - Flux M&E 553 Apr-00
45 Mr.Quimby's Beard Mr.Quimby's Beard M&E 410 Oct-97
46 Alphane Moon The Echoing Grove M&E 287 Jan-95
47 Into The Abyss The Feathered Snake M&E 317 Sep-95
48 The Conspiracy The Grand Illusion M&E 335 May-96
49 The Now The Now M&E 431 Jan-98
50 Sister Sinister Sister Sinister M&E 559 Apr-00
51 Animal Factory Animal Factory M&E 223 Oct-93
52 Titania Moon Comet Star M&E 422 Jan-98
53 Sabotage Sabotape M&E 143 Dec-92
54 The Thamesmead Rollers Too Old To Rock? M&E 272 Jul-94
55 Magic Moments At Twilight Time The Time Machine / At Transformation Time C-4017/MMATT 26 Feb-88
56 Terri B Open The Box M&E 426 Jan-98
57 Mugwump In Between Worlds M&E 416 Oct-97
58 Cerise Eclipse The Amazing Bubble Machine M&E 131 Dec-92
59 The Rabbit's Hat Error 5 M&E 408 Oct-97
60 Stormclouds Trash M&E 124 Dec-92
61 Sanity Assassins Sanity Assassins M&E 356 Nov-96
62 Magic Moments At Twilight Time State Of The Art / The Line X Sessions / And Other Archive Magic C-4003-8/MMATT 22 Mar-87
63 Magic Moments At Twilight Time W20 Advance Guard / The W20 Sessions / Willy The Oak Tree's 20th Birthday Party C-4002-7/MMATT 21 Dec-86
64 Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Grazu Yra Grazu Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Grazu Yra Grazu M&E 091 Dec-92
65 Cosmic Dance Society Dilemma & The King Of Thing M&E 257 Apr-94
66 Cyborg Sex Babies Dead Friend M&E 126 Dec-92
67 Dark Star States Of Mind M&E 151 Apr-93
68 Holland/Skin/Tunnel Holland/Skin/Tunnel M&E 330 Jan-96
69 Disc 1.O M&E 279 Oct-94
70 Paradox The Yukki Dance M&E 038 Apr-92
71 Eye M&E 427 Jan-98
72 Sirenee Distance M&E 558 Apr-00
73 Blacklight Braille The Castle Of The Northern Crown M&E 563 Jan-01
74 Pornorphans Seasoned With Love M&E 448 Jul-98
75 Lord Litter Torn Between Temptations M&E 012 Apr-92
76 Ras.Al.Ghul Ras.Al.Ghul M&E 428 Jan-98
77 Blacklight Braille Old Bones & Sacred Stones M&E 450 Jul-98
78 Titania Moon Analogue Dreams / Anocosmic M&E 423 Jan-98
79 Strangebrew Debut M&E 369 Jan-97
80 Sosumi Bad Day At The Lab M&E 229 Oct-93
81 Idiom Who Stole The Sun? M&E 488 Sep-99
82 Jaws Of The Flying Carpet Solar Dreamscape M&E 170 Apr-93
83 Silverspoon Ecdyson M&E 491 Sep-99
84 Magic Moments At Twilight Time Mmattland Community Radio FM MMATT 35 Jul-92
85 Gothica Proserpina M&E 482 Jan-99
86 X Ray Pop Under My Skirt M&E 028 Apr-92
87 Invisible Universe Transient Age M&E 225 Oct-93
88 Karda Estra The Land Of Ghosts M&E 572 Jan-01
89 Dave Munkhoff In The Red M&E 264 Jul-94
90 Operattack Early Works M&E 360 Nov-96
91 Oberon Oberon M&E 396 May-97
92 Grass Harp Meadow Glow M&E 393 May-97
93 Lord Litter Space Age M&E 070 Jul-92
94 The Venus Fly Trap Rinascita M&E 273 Jul-94
95 Steve Andrews Changing Faces M&E 456 Jan-99
96 Rotton Kidz Green Asia M&E 235 Oct-93
97 Sleepy People Blunt Nails In A Sharp Wall M&E 442 Jul-98
98 Scrooge Happy What Else M&E 315 Sep-95
99 L.G. Mair Jr. Dron M&E 395 May-97
100 Who Moved The Ground? Lineker M&E 053 Jul-92