"What the fuck is that?" She froze in the doorway.
"What?" I'm agitated now, my medication is overdue, but I need to know what is out there first, "What do you see? Tell me!"
"Stay where you are," she spoke sharply, "what are you doing out of bed? Did I tell you to get out of your fucking bed?"
"No," I'm whimpering, it makes me feel so ashamed, but she is powerful, she makes me feel so small, "please forgive me."
"Yeah, whatever." She paused to light a cigarette, grunting with annoyance when the first match snapped as she struck it, "Note to self, buy a fucking lighter."
"Can you see it clearly?" I asked at barely more than a whisper, I was back in bed now, five, maybe six yards from where she stood in the open doorway, but it was just the two of us, I knew she could hear me, "What do you think it is?"
"It's big and dark and fills the sky," she drawled, "and it's coming to get you! You'd best hide under the bed! Quickly!"
I tried to get out of bed as fast as I could, sensing the urgency in her voice, but fell hard on the polished ceramic floor as my left foot became entangled in the top sheet.
"I'm okay," I assured her, "you wonít be in any trouble, nothing broken, but I'll have a black eye and a nasty lump on my forehead in the morning, you mark my words."
"Bully for you," she snapped, flicking her half smoked cigarette in my direction, "I have other more deserving patients to see to, pull yourself together."
"I will," I put my finger to my top lip, there was a little blood, I had best find a tissue, "thank you. Will you bring my medication later? Hello? Nurse? Will you come back? Thank you?"







Forgive me, father, for I have sinned
And some timeís truly passed since here Iíve last been
But letís not be delusional, I donít mean a word
And the excuses, for fuckís sake, youíve probably heard
Now donít get me wrong, I believe in salvation
So forgive me my drinking and much fornication
Then Iíll rattle me beads and Iíll be on me way
Thereís a jar with me name on once I get me pay
And the mid-bottle guilt, itíll fuck with me head
And Iíll curse me misfortune and wish meself dead
But for the sake of the grain and a warm welcome hole
In bitter repentance, Iíll be saving me soul