07. “They Visit Her At Night” (2:17)


On the skirting board in our daughter's bedroom, there is an Irish Faerie Door. A day or so after its installation, it became occupied by one who allowed herself to be called 'Twizz The Faerie', though we later discovered her given name is Aspen Rae and she is 300 years old. Twizz has a photo of her on her bedside unit, she loves her very much. We had set a camera trap in the milk cupboard one night out of curiosity, following the disappearance of several chocolate chip cookies. Come the morning when we checked the camera, there she was, happily posing with a smile  in front of the milk cartons...


The Hostess: To the right is our daughter’s bedroom. She believes that faeries live behind the portal in her skirting board.
The Traveller: And is this true?
The Hostess: They visit her at night.



  08. “In My World, I Am A Writer Of Some Repute” (5:15)

And finally, Samantha brought The Traveller to visit Skit and I in The Mmatterialisation Chamber, where we were delighted to let him hear the machines...

The Hostess: And this is The Mmatterialisation Chamber, where I will take my leave of you.
A Machine: Welcome.
Skit Zoyd: Hello.
The Traveller: I thank you. In my world, I am a writer of some repute, this would be where I write my books, as you can see through my portal. Now, sirs, you have machines, we would hear your machines.
The Hostess: You will hear the machines.