The Lucca Maneuver


Recorded in July 2021 for the REM Challenge


Running Time: 35:00

Later Released On: "Ratione Personae Mentalis"

Label: The Church Of Noisy Goat

Release Date: 9th March 2022

Format: Download

Buy Link: Bandcamp


 < Reverbnation Edit - 3:50 / Full Version - 35:00 >


"Experimental stuff? It's all vacuum cleaner music, isn't it?"

(Joe Bloggs, 1950's - the present)

"Well," I began, snatching the last plain chocolate digestive biscuit before Skit could get to it, "thus far, we've hit them with that annoying tone they used to use at TV closedown, pneumatic drill, mitre saw, electric drill and impact gun."
"Yes!" Skit exclaimed enthusiastically, "Skit love power tools. And plain chocolate digestive biscuits, you greedy bastard."

"So," I continued, ignoring his complaint, that's just one I owe him, trust me, "what do we do for the July REM Challenge."

"Power tool."

"We've done four power tools on the trot now, don't you fancy a change?"

"No, Skit like power tool."

"Come on, we don't want to be typecast as a band that only does power tool wipeouts, do we?"


"We're supposed to be a broad spectrum experimental project, we should express our versatility more, don't you think?"

"It hurts."


"Skit suggest hedge trimmer!"

"Come on, that's a power tool," I said with a disappointed tone, rather than one of anger, because it annoys him more, "in any event, you used the hedge trimmer on your solo version of John Cage's 4:33, it'll sound too similar."

"You not release it yet, so nobody hear it!"

"Skit, you know the idea is to save it for the forthcoming Cage Variations EP, as part of the big Magic Bullet and Friends event we've

planned for our second birthday in October."

"Magic finish advertising now?"

"You got me. Seriously though, use your imagination."

"We have two hedge trimmers, use other one."

"But we'll fall into that trap, you know, everyone will be saying experimental stuff is all vacuum cleaner music."

"Fuck 'em." Skit shrugged, then paused briefly as a light came on in his eyes, "Oh, Magic, Skit could kiss you!"

"Um... you've got biscuit on your teeth."


"And coffee breath."

"Okay. But Magic, you genius!"

"It's my curse," I agreed, "any reason in particular though?"

"You have two vacuum cleaners, yes?"

"Yeah, so?"

"We make duet!"

"Yes!" I shouted, as the great profundity of it dawned upon me, "It's like an ironic statement, by doing a 35 minute track with two vacuum cleaners, we reclaim the insult from those who would disrespect our craft! We mock their ill-conceived accusation using the very weapon with which they taunt us!"
"And it make ears bleed."

"And that."


Why pictures of vintage Soviet vacuum cleaners in space? It's vaguely inspired by a very old episode of Star Trek, but that's another story entirely, though I can tell you that Lucca Maneuver, when spelt the American way like that, by some strange coincidence, just happens to be an anagram of vacuum cleaner. Small world.


Our vacuum cleaners hard at work in The Mmatterialisation Chamber...

And enjoying a chat and a cuppa in the dining room between takes...

WYRE ROSE