Mmatterialisation Chamber


Running Time:

Released On: "Burning Down The Shack" - Various Artists (39 tracks)

Label: Shack In The Barley Productions

Release Date: 8th July 2023

Format: Download

Buy Link: Bandcamp




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It'd been a while since we'd seen Stan Batcow (of Pumf Records infamy), so I'll be honest, I'd completely forgotten he'd said something about doing a remix of In My World, I Am A Writer Of Some Repute last time he was over. By this time, we'd actually forgiven him for messing with our Easter classic, Jesus Is Dead (Let's Eat Chocolate!) and turning it into Jesus Has Risen (Let's Mow The Lawn!), so when I got the e-mail in March, it was something of a pleasant surprise, even though he confessed that by the time he had finished, it ceased to be a remix of a Magic Bullet 'song' (does that word even apply to us?) and had become a Howl in the Typewriter one instead, albeit based around audio extracted from ours. And yes, he's absolutely right, doesn't sound much like one of ours at all. Having said that, it's quite a funky piece of electro groove with some cool avant garde touches and a few recognisable bits from our original. We like it. Actually, when we first heard it, it was on You Tube with a rather groovy accompanying video Stan had made, kind of a 60's psychotronic vibe to it, we liked that too. Click on the video still below to watch. No adverts, promise...


And it didn't end there, then he says;

"Jamie (who's been on Godspunk a few times under different aliases, usually with the word 'Gonk' in the band name) is putting together a compilation and asked for a Howl track. I sent him the link to the Mmatterialisation Chamber video and he likes it - are you happy for it to be used on a compilation?"

Is Donald Trump a pathetic excuse for humanity? Absolutely we are. Jamie, it turned out, ran a netlabel called Shack In The Barley Productions, one we were previously unaware of, and with typical Bulletine luck, just as we made a new friend, we noticed the announcement on the release;

"This collection marks the ending of Shack in the Barley Productions after 20 years of DIY activity."