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Various Artists - "United World Underground" (MMATT CD2, 2001)

Featuring; Into The Abyss (Greece), Dark Star (Germany), Eye (Australia), Earth (Germany), Grass Harp (Germany), Ras.Al.Ghul (Portugal), Idiom (England), Blacklight Braille (U.S.A.), Lord Litter (Germany), The Stinking Badger Of Java (Australia), Neo / Operattack (England), T.M.R. (England), Cosmic Dance Society (Germany), Love In A Plague (England) and Steve Andrews (Wales).

     FM1. Mick Magic & Chris Carter (England) - "My Acidic Heaven" (10:22 - excerpt)

     FM2. Lord Litter (Germany) - "Follow A Smile" (4:42)

     FM3. The Lord Litter Band (Germany) - "The Sun Shines In New York City Tonight" (5:07)

     FM4. X Ray Pop (France) - "DS" (2:53)

     FM5. X Ray Pop (France) - "El Gato" (2:48)

     FM6. Glass (Scotland) - "Glass Planet" (3:26)

     FM7. L.G. Mair Jr. (U.S.A.) - "Return To The Vortex" (25:25)

     FM8. Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme (Belgium) - "Jumping Heart - Variation II" (3:19)

     FM9. Sons Of Selina (Wales) - "On A Promise" (7:55)

     FM10. Mana ERG (Italy) - "Another" (5:55)

     FM11. The Flowers Of Romance (Greece) - "Kashmir" (3:25)

     FM12. Karg (Austria) - "Himmel" (6:48)

     FM13. Pornorphans (Finland) - "Innocent" (4:43)

     FM14. Jaws Of The Flying Carpet (Canada) - "Sub-Orbital Grig" (2:51)

     FM15. Rotton Kidz (Thailand) - "Southeast Asia Peace Circle Dance" (5:39)

     FM16. Zartipo (Belarus) - "1 Sound Object 170ASPv1" (3:22)

     FM17. Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu (Lithuania) - "Sunparkis" (7:46)

     FM18. The Witches (Poland) - "Bliss" (3:12)

     FM19. Elza (Ukraine) - "Marijuana" (3:01)

     FM20. Trespassers W (Netherlands) - "Carmen Miranda" (3:09)

     FM21. Toshiyuki Hiraoka (Japan) - "T10" (2:03)

     FM22. Eye (Australia) - "This System" (4:46)
     FM23. Religious Overdose (Switzerland) - "Pictures & Colours" (3:47)

     FM24. Sister Sinister (Norway) - "Gazer" (4:18)

     FM25. Dark Side Cowboys (Sweden) - "Missing" (6:31)

     FM26. Anima Mundi (Spain) - "Samsara" (4:21)

     FM27. M. Nomized & The Legendary Poptones (France / Bulgaria) - "Mr. Crash Spring" (6:57)

     FM28. M. Nomized & The Legendary Poptones (France / Bulgaria) - "Wild Goose Live" (6:20)

     FM29. Space Invaders (Croatia) - "Lepa Vida" (3:51)

     FM30. Ras.Al.Ghul (Portugal) - "OmV" (4:58)

     FM31. Ras.Al.Ghul (Portugal) - "Multiquantum Flux" (3:41)

     FM32. Ras.Al.Ghul (Portugal) - "Flea Induction" (4:43)

     FM33. Ras.Al.Ghul (Portugal) - "Driven Motion" (5:42)

     FM34. Artemiy Artemiev (Russia) - "The Last Waltz" (7:11)

     FM35. Levente (Romania) - "Lem-Solaris (Apparitions - The Ocean)" (5:59)

     FM36. Sphinx (South Africa) - "In Obsidian Reflex" (17:18)


       The Charles - "Whirligig Cassette II" (1987 demo, 27˝ mins)

        Slack Bladder - "Safe Experiments With Bacteria" (1988 demo, 43 mins)

       FMX1. (Magic Moments) At Twilight Time - "Caulphorquaets" (9:54)  





     FMX2. Christ! - "Please Don't Touch My Yoghurt" (Album Trailer)

    Christ! - "Please Don't Touch My Yoghurt" (MMATT 32, originally released on Friday 13th October 1989)