Moments Revival. Although it will finish up in a hard copy format, it won’t start off that way. Well, ya know, the digital world, it allows so much more flexibility, so I fancied doing something a bit different, came up with the idea of releasing it one part at a time. That’ll be online with say 2 or 3 tracks at a time to start with, kind of like a Saturday morning serial, you know: Will Captain Magic finally defeat the Dark Starlord!? To be continued, same MMATT-time, same MMATT-channel! You know, grown ups stuff…

CO: Other future plans?

MM: The future? Ha ha! The future’s all behind you at my age!

You can make contact with Carsten via the website, natch, and you'll find submissions info for his radioshow in the FAQ's. Sorted. And don't forget to say hi from us.


Nowadays, Kev is a freelance writer / reviewer, specialising in progressive rock (though not exclusively), based on the other side of the planet from us, who, funnily enough, does a lot of writing for the PROG ARCHIVE, so what's all this about Gypsy being born in Sweden then, Kev? Oh, you'll find his profile on that link too, no photo though, so leave it to me to find something terminally embarrassing, like him having a no.1 crop for his local heat of the All New Zealand Mick Magic Look-Alike Contest 2015, in which he came a creditable 3rd. Yup, you guessed it, I've known Kev for 20 years plus, going back to when he still lived in the UK. Bet he misses the weather. We first made contact when I noticed Mensa had a Rock SIG (special interest group), so... always keen on getting some new reviews (not if they say things like "James Last plays Kraftwerk" mind), I sent him a copy of our "Creavolution" album. He liked it, reviewed it in the Rock SIG's Feedback zine, we both thought we were very clever, we became friends. Time passes, I hibernate, he emigrates to Middle Earth, we re-establish contact thanks to the miracles of modern social media, I get a copy of "Flashbax Ω Ultimate" to him, et voila. He hasn't reviewed it yet because he's very busy working on a book covering 15 years worth of his prog reviews, but I'm sure it won't be long now, he's my "no.1 fan" (geddit?), after all! Anyway, in the meantime, the Prog Archive is well worth looking through, covers a lot of bands you won't know about, as well as those you do, quite a wide remit at that. Kev can be contacted via E-MAIL, say hi from us. And I suppose you could always ask if he knows this guy from Sweden...


Gypsy was already running Rodent Tapes back in the 80's, back before  I'd escaped from working in an office and wondering what the fuck I was doing with my life. He was another established underground artist who was a great support when we started M&E. In fact, his album "Not At All" proudly bore the catalogue number M&E 001 when we released it in April 1992. These days, he works under the name Arzathon and has earned huge respect in every field he's traversed. To hear why, you only need look through the massive collection of his albums on his BANDCAMP site, covering from his most recent, right back to his earliest cassette releases, many of which were also released on M&E. You'll also find a huge selection of freely available recordings on the Rodent Tapes (Backstage) section of ARCHIVE.ORG. Again, although predominantly his own projects, including the brilliantly named Heavy Vampires On Nuclear Waste (you've not lived until you've heard "Retarded Alien Pizza Pirates"!), Rodent Tapes was never a closed label. Back in the day, they put out our "Flashbax Vol. 5" album from 1992-95, when the label temporarily folded. More recently, Gypsy (it's short for Arzathon, honest), put together a MMATT selection called "Freedom Overflow" for Rodent, which you'll find in that archive. Nice man. He wanted to put "Creavolution" on there too, very nice man, but we had other plans for that one, May 2016 being the 20th anniversary of its eventual release et al. For a more wordy experience, along with the sounds, you could have a look at the RODENT TAPES WORDPRESS site, certainly lots of words on that one. You'll find an artist entry on the PROG ARCHIVE should you want a bit of info about his background, like him being born in Sweden (he wasn't) and stuff. When it comes to what he's up to at the moment and planning etc, I'm afraid I can't be of much help. Whenever I let him know I'm going to write a bit about him and ask some questions, he always thinks I'm after him writing an essay, rather than just answering the questions and letting me worry about making the finished article appear the work of a professional journalist (stop smirking). I picture him hiding in a corner, rocking, muttering "Heavy, man, got another e-mail from Mick Magic asking me questions, what does he want from me?" However, when he reads this, one can only hope he will feel more intensely relaxed next time one of my mega-evil interrogations arrives in his inbox. "Yeah, Magic, cool," he'll say, "doing a bit of this, planning a bit of that, leave it to you to cross the i's and dot the t's, man." Sorted. You can contact the man himself via the RODENT TAPES FACEBOOK PAGE, or by E-MAIL. Oh, and say hi from us. But best not mention I was asking about him, we don't want to spook him into hiding in the woods thinking "Shit, man, surely Magic's e-mails will never find me here???"