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Cat. No.  Label / Source  Title Date
M&E 109  Acid Tapes  Try Acid 2 Dec-92
M&E 106  Alternate Media  Alternate Media Sampler Vol.1 Dec-92
M&E 107  Alternate Media  Alternate Media Sampler Vol.2 Dec-92
M&E 108  Alternate Media  Alternate Media Sampler Vol.3 Dec-92
M&E 141  Andromedia Strain  The Best Of Andromedia Strain Dec-92
M&E 074  Audiofile Tapes  Where It's AT '91 Jul-92
M&E 136  Audiofile Tapes  Where It's AT '93 Dec-92
M&E 496  Dagger Tapes  The Best Of Dagger Tapes Apr-00
M&E 036  Guaranteed Cleveland Records  Frosche Und Grillen Apr-92
M&E 098  Guaranteed Cleveland Records  Pflaumen Und Trauben Dec-92
M&E 589  Guaranteed Cleveland Records  The GCR Sampler (59:34) May-03
M&E 268  Hahamandad  Trish Jul-94
M&E 497  Harsh Reality  Harsh Reality Sampluh Apr-00
M&E 115  Hax  Hax Sampler Dec-92
M&E 008  Irre Tapes  The Best Of Irre Tapes Vol.1 Apr-92
M&E 009  Irre Tapes  The Best Of Irre Tapes Vol.2 Apr-92
M&E 010  Irre Tapes  The Best Of Irre Tapes Vol.3 Apr-92
M&E 011  Irre Tapes  The Best Of Irre Tapes Vol.4 Apr-92
M&E 022  Irre Tapes  The Power & The Passion Vol.2 Apr-92
M&E 079  Irre Tapes  The Power & The Passion Vol.9 Jul-92
M&E 080  Irre Tapes  The Power & The Passion Vol.10 Jul-92
M&E 092  Irre Tapes  The Best Of Irre Tapes Vol.5 Dec-92
M&E 110  Irre Tapes  Now: A New Style Of Music Dec-92
M&E 212  Irre Tapes  Porno/Yes Ographie Vol.1 Oct-93
M&E 222  Irre Tapes  Porno/Yes Ographie Vol.3 Oct-93
M&E 230  Irre Tapes  The Best Of Irre Tapes Vol.6 Oct-93
M&E 246  Irre Tapes  Nothing But Lost Music Jan-94
M&E 261  Irre Tapes  A Tribute To Irre Tapes Apr-94
M&E 018  KFR - Lord Litter  KFR Audio News Radio Show No.3 Apr-92
M&E 019  KFR - Lord Litter  KFR Audio Newsletter Vol.2 Apr-92
M&E 020  KFR - Lord Litter  Lord Litter's Tapedepartment Radioshow No.2 Apr-92
M&E 047  KFR - Lord Litter  Lord Litter's Tapedepartment Radioshow No.4 Jul-92
M&E 172  KFR - Lord Litter  Lord Litter's Tapedepartment Radioshow No.11 Apr-93
M&E 251  KFR - Lord Litter  Lord Litter's Tapedepartment Radioshow No.24 Jan-94
M&E 087  Lonely Whistle Music - Don Campau  No Pigeonholes Radioshow No.275 Jul-92
M&E 113  Lonely Whistle Music - Don Campau  No Pigeonholes Radioshow No.289 Dec-92
M&E 243  Lonely Whistle Music  Don Campau & Kevyn Dymond In Europe Oct-Nov 1991 Jan-94
M&E 567  Lonely Whistle Music  Sampler 2000 Jan-01
M&E 190  Maljugin Musik  Wohlauf In Gottes Schone Welt Jul-93
MMATT 19  Music & Elsewhere  Grain-Aid! Jul-88
MMATT 36  Music & Elsewhere  The Guilfin Benefit Tape Jul-92
MMATT 37  Music & Elsewhere  The Radio Cracker Benefit Tape Dec-92
MMATT 38  Music & Elsewhere  The 2nd Guilfin Benefit Tape Apr-93
MMATT 39  Music & Elsewhere  The Best Of M&E 1992/1993 Apr-93
MMATT 40  Music & Elsewhere  The 3rd Guilfin Benefit Tape Jan-94
MMATT 41  Music & Elsewhere  The 4th Guilfin Benefit Tape Jul-94
MMATT 42  Music & Elsewhere  Life, The Underground & Everything Oct-94
SHO 01  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Showcase Vol.1 Oct-94
SHO 02  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Showcase Vol.2 Jan-95
SHO 03  Music & Elsewhere  Better Things Are Electric Jan-95
SHO 04  Music & Elsewhere  All Things Dark And Beautiful Jan-95
SHO 05  Music & Elsewhere  Around The World In 90 Minutes May-95
SHO 06  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Showcase Vol.3 May-95
SHO 07  Music & Elsewhere  Subterranean Psychefest Sep-95
SHO 08  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Showcase Vol.4 Sep-95
SHO 09  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Showcase Vol.5 Jan-96
SHO 10  Music & Elsewhere  Cherchez La Femme Jan-96
SHO 11  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Showcase Vol.6 May-96
SHO 12  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Showcase Vol.7 Nov-96
M&E 399  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Audiozine No.1 May-97
M&E 400  Music & Elsewhere  Decadion Oct-97
M&E 418  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Audiozine No.2 Oct-97
M&E 419  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Audiozine No.3 Oct-97
M&E 434  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Audiozine No.4 Jan-98
M&E 435  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Audiozine No.5 Jul-98
M&E 453  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Audiozine No.6 Jul-98
M&E 454  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Audiozine No.7 Jan-99
M&E 455  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Audiozine No.8 Jan-99
M&E 483  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Audiozine No.9 Jan-99
M&E 493  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Audiozine No.10 Sep-99
M&E 494  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Audiozine No.11 Sep-99
M&E 495  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Audiozine No.12 Sep-99
M&E 562  Music & Elsewhere  M&E Audiozine - Spring 2000 Apr-00
MMATT CD2  Music & Elsewhere  United World Underground Jan-01
M&E 574  Music & Elsewhere  UWU Audiozine - New Year 2001 Jan-01
M&E 168  Neuzeitliche Tonkonstruktionen  Konstruktionen Der Natur Vol.1 Apr-93
M&E 169  Neuzeitliche Tonkonstruktionen  Konstruktionen Der Natur Vol.2 Apr-93
M&E 207  Neuzeitliche Tonkonstruktionen  Konstruktionen Der Natur Vol.3 Jul-93
M&E 014  Novaya Scena  Kharkov Underground Vol.1 Apr-92
M&E 127  Pumf  Slug Puzzle Dec-92
M&E 580  Pumf  Uplarious May-03
M&E 037  Ripping Thrash / MUT Distribution  A New Stage For Ripping Thrash Apr-92
M&E 104  Sacro Egoismo  Sacro Egoismo 89-92 Dec-92
M&E 146  Set Cassettes  Drain That Dirty Water Apr-93
M&E 568  Stone Premonitions  The Cat's Whiskers Jan-01
M&E 044  The Farnborough Groove  The Farnborough Groove Jul-92
M&E 045  The Farnborough Groove  Son Of Farnborough Groove Jul-92
M&E 046  The Farnborough Groove  Return Of Farnborough Groove Jul-92
M&E 093  The Farnborough Groove  Never Heard Of 'Em Dec-92
M&E 196  The Farnborough Groove  Revenge Of Farnborough Groove Jul-93
M&E 498  The Mind steP Records  Nobody Likes A Loser Apr-00
M&E 015  The Trundley Experience  Norman The Hedgehog Apr-92
M&E 016  The Trundley Experience  Maurice The Mole Apr-92
M&E 017  The Trundley Experience  Pongo The Clown Apr-92
M&E 039  Tonspur Tapes  The Best Of Tonspur Tapes Apr-92
M&E 271  Tonspur Tapes / Echt Zeit  Cities In Dust Jul-94
M&E 499  Trash Tapes  Out Of Step With The World Apr-00
M&E 103  Trost  Trost Compilation 7/92 Dec-92