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Cat. No.  Artiste  Title Date
M&E 429  Acidfuck  Cranial Drift Jan-98
M&E 445  Acidfuck  The Arabian Mushroom Jul-98
M&E 477  Acidfuck  Lovemuscle Baby Jan-99
M&E 570  Acidfuck  Sons Of The Succulent Beatnik Jan-01
M&E 478  Acidfuck & Expose Your Eyes  Collaboration Jan-99
M&E 592  ADAmor  ADAmorphy May-03
M&E 253  Alien Planetscapes  Celestial Dance Hits Jan-94
M&E 123  Almost Human  No Style Music Dec-92
M&E 192  Almost Human  T.S.S.I.FL.S. Jul-93
M&E 193  Almost Human  Amost U-Man Jul-93
M&E 287  Alphane Moon  The Echoing Grove Jan-95
M&E 459  Altair  Fantasias Y Danzas Jan-99
M&E 296  Andrews, Steve  Dive In Deep May-95
M&E 359  Andrews, Steve  From Venus With Love Nov-96
M&E 456  Andrews, Steve  Changing Faces Of… Jan-99
M&E 379  Anima Mundi  En Directo May-97
M&E 223  Animal Factory  Animal Factory Oct-93
M&E 475  Artemiev, Artemiy  Electroshocking Works Jan-99
M&E 122  Art-Tek  Art-Tek Dec-92
M&E 383  Awakening, The  Invictus May-97
M&E 066  Axemaster  Blessing In The Skies Jul-92
M&E 086  Axemaster  5 Demons (Imperative Is Their Demise) Jul-92
M&E 409  B, Terri  Abstract Oct-97
M&E 426  B, Terri  Open The Box… Jan-98
M&E 198  Bar & Co  Z Jul-93
M&E 318  Barking Dogma  Barking Dogma Sep-95
M&E 258  Barra  The Mini Album Apr-94
M&E 277  BDF  Bild Der Frau Oct-94
M&E 467  Bionics, The  Non-Specific Meat Jan-99
M&E 450  Blacklight Braille  Old Bones & Sacred Stones Jul-98
M&E 451  Blacklight Braille  Dietles Tavern Jul-98
M&E 563  Blacklight Braille  The Castle Of The Northern Crown Jan-01
M&E 392  Blade  The End Of Time May-97
M&E 200  Blowhole  Truth And Beauty Jul-93
M&E 043  Blue Velvet  Blue Velvet Jul-92
M&E 471  Body Full Of Stars  Body Full Of Stars Jan-99
M&E 051  Boogiemen, The  R 'n' B With A Touch Of Soul Jul-92
M&E 094  Boogiemen, The  Gonna Get Ya Soul Dec-92
M&E 209  Boogiemen, The  Do It All Night Jul-93
M&E 215  Bray  Das Schlachtfest Oct-93
M&E 394  Brusaschetto, Daniele  Di Circostanza May-97
M&E 262  Burning Dollhouse  Burning Dollhouse Jul-94
M&E 052  Buzz Conductor  Startled Businessmen Jul-92
M&E 210  Cabbage Head  Boiled Cabbage Oct-93
M&E 130  Calculus Affair, The  Falling Off My Skateboard Into A Pile Of Baseball Caps And John Reginald Halliday Christie Dec-92
M&E 050  Campau, Don  Mixed Messages Jul-92
M&E 206  Campau, Don  False Positive Jul-93
M&E 213  Campau, Don  Transition Man Oct-93
M&E 363  Campau, Don  Pen Pals 2 Nov-96
M&E 436  Campau, Don & Robin O'Brien  Western Union Jul-98
M&E 049  Cancerous Growth  Versawomesh Jul-92
M&E 557  Captain's Log  Astral Voyage Apr-00
M&E 131  Cerise Eclipse  The Amazing Bubble Machine Dec-92
M&E 089  Charles, The  The Whirligig Cassette / As Far As The Eye Can See Dec-92
M&E 354  Chateau De Fleurs  Chateau De Fleurs Nov-96
M&E 245  Cheapo Card Company  When Lost Plants Recall Jan-94
M&E 375  Cheapo Card Company  Ointment Makes Am-Ess Jan-97
M&E 420  Christ & Satan  Christ & Satan Fill Vol-Au-Vet Cases With Raspberry Jelly And David Bowie Jan-98
MMATT 28/29  Christ And Satan / Ehrlich Bullet  Dark Side Of The Sausage / Music Is Dead…Let It Rot! Mar-89
M&E 042  Christ!  Please Don't Touch My Yoghurt (originally released as "MMATT 31") Oct-89
M&E 128  Christ!  Landscape Gardening With Ian & Myra Dec-92
M&E 129  Christ!  Ian Curtis In A Spacesuit Dec-92
M&E 194  Christ!  Mmm…Liquorice Jul-93
M&E 249  Communication Union  Symphony No.1: Where Land Meets Water Jan-94
M&E 153  Conspiracy, The  The Inside: Story! Apr-93
M&E 156  Conspiracy, The  Pop! Apr-93
M&E 197  Conspiracy, The  Sounds Of Pleasure Jul-93
M&E 319  Conspiracy, The  Out Of The Black Sep-95
M&E 335  Conspiracy, The  The Grand Illusion May-96
M&E 391  Conspiracy, The  Poison Crawl May-97
M&E 421  Conspiracy, The  Analogue Retrospective: 1989-1996 Jan-98
M&E 465  Conspiracy, The  Blue Angel Agenda Jan-99
M&E 551  Conspiracy, The  Paradigm Shift Apr-00
M&E 588  Conspiracy, The  Sword Of Damocles / Ghost EP May-03
M&E 300  Conspiracy, The   Out Of The Blue May-95
M&E 254  Conspiracy, The / Lord Litter  The Split Tape Jan-94
M&E 257  Cosmic Dance Society  Dilemma & The King Of Thing Apr-94
M&E 297  Cosmic Dance Society  Our Gods & Users May-95
M&E 333  Cosmic Kraank Society  Silly Things First May-96
M&E 166  Crawling With Tarts  1 Snak 2 Rider Apr-93
M&E 462  Crimson Revelation  Exoneration Jan-99
M&E 352  Crispin  Sunburst  Nov-96
M&E 390  Crispin  Oneness May-97
M&E 126  Cyborg Sex Babies  Dead Friend Dec-92


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