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Cat. No.  Artiste  Title Date
M&E 105  Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre Fantome  Essais Somnanbuliques Vol.1 Dec-92
M&E 578  Garfield's Birthday  Peepshow – Special Edition May-03
M&E 384  Gehman, Cynde  Her Strange Soundspears May-97
M&E 226  Ghazala, Qubais Reed  There Is A Secret Garden Oct-93
M&E 228  Ghazala, Qubais Reed  Suite For Radio & Turntable (Outdoor Celebrations) Oct-93
M&E 231  Ghazala, Qubais Reed  Artifacts Oct-93
M&E 144  Girls On Dextrose  Weird Is Relative Dec-92
M&E 590  Glass  Glass Planet May-03
M&E 247  Golden Hits / Comrade  Golden Hits '93 / Comrade '89 Jan-94
M&E 482  Gothica  Proserpina Jan-99
M&E 281  Grass Harp  Arena Jan-95
M&E 393  Grass Harp  Meadow Glow May-97
M&E 480  Grover  Husk Jan-99
M&E 444  Gurus Of The New Millennium  Gurus Of The New Millennium Jul-98
M&E 553  Gurus Of The New Millennium  II (Flux) Apr-00
M&E 001  Gypsy  Not At All Apr-92
M&E 002  Gypsy  Sunglass Alimony Apr-92
M&E 003  Gypsy  Selfegoelf Apr-92
M&E 005  Gypsy  Parts Of The Whole Apr-92
M&E 055  Gypsy  Yesterday Comes Quicker Than Tomorrow Jul-92
M&E 056  Gypsy  Viersen Jul-92
M&E 062  Gypsy  Raga Saga Jul-92
M&E 063  Gypsy  Wouldn't It Be Nice? Jul-92
M&E 064  Gypsy  My Soul's Where You Left It Jul-92
M&E 069  Gypsy  There's Always Somebody Lonely Waiting For The Rain Jul-92
M&E 081  Gypsy  Restrain Yourself Jul-92
M&E 082  Gypsy  This Tape Is…Therefore I Am Jul-92
M&E 083  Gypsy  And Then The Leaves Fell Jul-92
M&E 084  Gypsy  More Reality Than True Jul-92
M&E 085  Gypsy  (In Search Of) A New Beginning Jul-92
M&E 357  Gypsy  Those Forgiving Moments Nov-96
M&E 358  Gypsy  Myth Makers And City Dwellers Nov-96
M&E 060  Gypsy & Daniel Manyika  Part One Jul-92
M&E 061  Gypsy & Daniel Manyika  Part Two Jul-92
M&E 031  Hall, Trevor  Tomorrow's Classics Played Today Apr-92
M&E 380  Hall, Trevor, & The Third State  Lights In The Darkness May-97
M&E 148  Hausmann, Eric  Mr.Coffee Apr-93
M&E 024  Heat Beat Cut  Too Late To Scream Apr-92
M&E 006  Heavy Vampires On Nuclear Waste  Coupe De Grace Apr-92
M&E 007  Heavy Vampires On Nuclear Waste  Wherever You May Be (Burley Gilliam Jr.) Apr-92
M&E 057  Heavy Vampires On Nuclear Waste  Anticipations Of Hope Jul-92
M&E 058  Heavy Vampires On Nuclear Waste  Whose Dream Is This Anyway? Jul-92
M&E 059  Heavy Vampires On Nuclear Waste  4U Orbiting DV8 / On Leaving Arzathon Jul-92
M&E 090  Heavy Vampires On Nuclear Waste  Way Past Midnight / The Breathelizer Tape Dec-92
M&E 256  Hecate's Dream  Rape Of The Fly Apr-94
M&E 316  Heiland Solo  The Native Sep-95
M&E 233  Herr Albrecht  You Know When You've Been Tango'd Oct-93
M&E 591  Hiraoka, Toshi, & Dave-iD Busaras  T And Bushy Luxury (Not The Whole Story) - Special Edition May-03
M&E 554  Hiraoka, Toshiyuki  T Apr-00
M&E 284  Hiraoka, Toshiyuki, & Okaniwa Fumihiro  Volume 1 Jan-95
M&E 285  Hiraoka, Toshiyuki, & Okaniwa Fumihiro  Volume 2 Jan-95
M&E 150  Histatic Charge  Why Do I Always Hafta Do The Dishes? Apr-93
M&E 330  Holland/Skin/Tunnel  Holland/Skin/Tunnel Jan-96
M&E 479  Idiom  Waterglass Jan-99
M&E 488  Idiom  Who Stole The Sun? Sep-99
M&E 566  Idiom  Fairytales For Those Who Never Came Down Jan-01
M&E 142  Idle State  Brain Drops Dec-92
M&E 368  Ignite  The Cracked Mirror Nov-96
M&E 183  Internal Autonomy  Song & Speech / The Cause Of Liberty Apr-93
M&E 184  Internal Autonomy  Capitalism On Sulphate: The Empire Strikes Back / 4th Demo Apr-93
M&E 202  Into The Abyss  Martyrium Jul-93
M&E 317  Into The Abyss  The Feathered Snake Sep-95
M&E 472  Into The Abyss  Cosmogonia Jan-99
M&E 177  Introit  Introit Apr-93
M&E 159  Invisible Band, The  A Round Trip Apr-93
M&E 160  Invisible Band, The  Under These Starry Skies Apr-93
M&E 161  Invisible Band, The  Sunburst Earthrise Apr-93
M&E 162  Invisible Band, The  13 Apr-93
M&E 163  Invisible Band, The  Tales Of Distant Worlds Apr-93
M&E 164  Invisible Band, The  Occam's Razor Apr-93
M&E 298  Invisible Band, The  Inner Mind Travel Agency May-95
M&E 299  Invisible Band, The  Off Cuts 'N' Out-Takes May-95
M&E 225  Invisible Universe  Transient Age Oct-93
M&E 091  Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Grazu Yra Grazu  Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Grazu Yra Grazu Dec-92
M&E 555  Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Grazu Yra Grazu  Progine Muzika Apr-00
M&E 353  Jackalope  Road To Anywhere Nov-96
M&E 170  Jaws Of The Flying Carpet  Solar Dreamscape Apr-93
M&E 237  Jaws Of The Flying Carpet  Rubber Road To Heaven Oct-93
M&E 238  Jaws Of The Flying Carpet  Smothering Fish Drowning Birdy Oct-93
M&E 295  Jaws Of The Flying Carpet  Noisy Music For Dancing May-95
M&E 402  Jaws Of The Flying Carpet  Live At The Whipping Post Oct-97
M&E 417  Jelicons, The  Eye Of The Child Oct-97
M&E 564  Jones, Blaine  Diary Of A Manic Depressive Jan-01
M&E 579  Jones, Blaine (Alex Hayes / Communication Union)  Shades Of Being / Where Land Meets Water May-03
M&E 440  Judge Trev & Nik Turner  Judgement & Thunder Jul-98


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