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Cat. No.  Artiste  Title Date
M&E 205  Paracon  Watching For A Sign Of Spirit Jul-93
M&E 038  Paradox  The Yukki Dance Apr-92
M&E 310  Patchbay Yum Yum  Chaos Remains Sep-95
M&E 232  Patternclear / Halo Svevo  Split Tape Oct-93
M&E 340  Phinney / McGee  Coincidence May-96
M&E 345  Phinney / McGee  Fester May-96
M&E 342  Phinney / McGee / Moneymaker / Henson  Cobra May-96
M&E 217  Play The Tracks Of  Play The Tracks Of Oct-93
M&E 033  Political Asylum  Live In America Apr-92
M&E 586  Pope John Paul The Third  Experiments In Crap-Core Vol.2 May-03
M&E 448  Pornorphans  Seasoned With Love Jul-98
M&E 443  Pseudo Sun  Aliens Only Jul-98
M&E 303  Psychedelic Dancefloor  Over To Nowhere May-95
M&E 437  Psychedelic Dancefloor  The Antistarensemble Jul-98
M&E 339  Puls  Weishaupt Lugt May-96
M&E 576  Purple Better One, The  Human Vortex May-03
M&E 598  Purple Better One, The  The Purple Better Two May-03
M&E 408  Rabbit's Hat, The  Error 5 Oct-97
M&E 274  Rachel's Breakdown  Always This Way Oct-94
M&E 174  Radiance, The  The Radiance Apr-93
M&E 269  Radiance, The  R Jul-94
M&E 329  Radiance, The  Substance 1991-1995 Jan-96
M&E 428  Ras.Al.Ghul  Ras.Al.Ghul Jan-98
M&E 481  Ras.Al.Ghul  The Experimental Absorption Spectrum Jan-99
M&E 312  Religious Overdose  Flatus Flow Rate Sep-95
M&E 173  Religious Vision  Songs Of Faith Apr-93
M&E 201  Religious Vision  The Vampire's Legend Jul-93
M&E 290  Revenge Of Nephthys  Revenge Of Nephthys Jan-95
M&E 255  Rorschach Garden, The  Rain Culture Jan-94
M&E 186  Rotton Kidz, The  Nuclear Fimblewinter Apr-93
M&E 235  Rotton Kidz, The  Green Asia Oct-93
M&E 143  Sabotage  Sabotape Dec-92
M&E 236  Sabotage  In Your World Oct-93
M&E 282  Sabotage  Maschinensturm Jan-95
M&E 294  Sabotage  Les Danses Sauvages May-95
M&E 324  Sabotage  Sensuous Magic Jan-96
M&E 306  Sacrifice, Andy  People Juggler May-95
M&E 356  Sanity Assassins  Sanity Assassins Nov-96
M&E 239  Schiavi, Alex  Inferno Oct-93
M&E 176  Schmertz Der Welten  Schmertz Magic Apr-93
M&E 403  Schmertz Der Welten  PostNDWpophardcoreschlager Oct-97
M&E 211  Schwill, Markus  Kunstler Toten Kunstler Oct-93
M&E 311  Screamworld  Screamworld Sep-95
M&E 315  Scrooge  Happy What Else Sep-95
M&E 385  Scrooge  Die Hip-Hop Maschine Plus! May-97
M&E 583  Shay  Dreamers & Stalkers May-03
M&E 280  Siela  Black Opium Land Oct-94
M&E 320  Siela  Meeting Own Star Sep-95
M&E 218  Sigi E  Solo 1992 Oct-93
M&E 278  Sigis Bruder  Leftovers Oct-94
M&E 447  Silverskin  More Than One Way Jul-98
M&E 491  Silverspoon  Ecdyson Sep-99
M&E 558  Sirenee  Distance Apr-00
M&E 559  Sister Sinister  Sister Sinister Apr-00
M&E 442  Sleepy People  Blunt Nails In A Sharp Wall Jul-98
M&E 560  Sleepy People  Paint A Ceiling On The Sky Apr-00
M&E 023  Solanaceae Tau  Outdoor Expressions Apr-92
M&E 346  Solanaceae Tau  Club Des Haschischins May-96
M&E 599  Solanaceae Tau  Voices From The Ground Behind May-03
M&E 464  Sonic Arcana, The  Enter… Jan-99
M&E 054  Sons Of Selina  Ambition Jul-92
M&E 158  Sons Of Selina  The Dilemma Sessions Apr-93
M&E 250  Sons Of Selina  Paradise Mile Jan-94
M&E 321  Sons Of Selina / 4Q  Now Give Me Back My Cake Sep-95
M&E 157  Sosumi  Dark & Gloomy Apr-93
M&E 229  Sosumi  Bad Day At The Lab Oct-93
M&E 301  Sosumi  I Have No Taste In Music May-95
M&E 328  Sound Inhaler  Exhale Jan-96
M&E 414  Sound Inhaler  Outsider / Sucker Oct-97
M&E 441  Space Cadet  Virtual Panic Jul-98
M&E 307  Space Invaders  Space Invaders Sep-95
M&E 413  Space Invaders  Planet Blue Oct-97
M&E 466  Spacehopper  Spacehopper Jan-99
M&E 065  Sphinx  The Secret Of… Jul-92
M&E 067  Sponge  Wand Inside Jar Jul-92
M&E 446  Star Period Star  Revisited 94-96 Jul-98
M&E 458  Stinking Badger Of Java, The  If It's Fetishes You're After… Jan-99
M&E 595  Stinking Badger Of Java, The  Myth Eaters May-03
M&E 124  Stormclouds  Trash Dec-92
M&E 125  Stormclouds  Psychotronic Dec-92
M&E 331  Stormclouds  Christmas With… Jan-96
M&E 369  Strangebrew  Debut Jan-97
M&E 351  Streghe Dell'Onirico, Le  Dura Via Nov-96
M&E 149  Stunde Null, Die  1 Apr-93
M&E 134  Sub  Here's The Story Of… Dec-92
M&E 265  Substanz T  Live In The Metzgerstrasse, Hanau Jul-94
M&E 289  Sweet William  Development Through The Years Jan-95
M&E 304  Sweet William  Kind Of Strangest Dream May-95


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