The Stinking Badger Of Java, Mr. Bollinger, ADAmor, Moontan, Vocabularinist and Rolf Harris, great Ozzies who all but one (can you tell who it is yet?) graced the chromium dioxide cassettes of the Music & Elsewhere label. Vocabs' Skot Stikla waxes lyrical about where they all are now. Except Rolf. But then we know he's still in hiding from Jimmy Page...

T.K. BOLLINGER - released three albums on M&E, the Badgers' "Completely Counterintuitive" appears on DECADION 2

1995 to 2000/1
The Stinking Badger of Java was unlike any other band on the Melbourne scene in the 1990's – a stunning and askew form of music that is both haunting and quirky, lyrically obscure and musically intricate.

Badgers dissolved around 2000. There was a grey area when we recorded the Myth Eaters album, which was kind of labelled a TSBOJ album but was really Paul* and I (we dubbed our selves Myth Eaters, but then I thought, let's call it a Badgers Album cause we all played on it, even though Paul and I wrote all the material... which wasn't typical Badgers because that was B and Paul's songwriting.)

1999 to 2004
While still in the Badgers and with the advent of the 90's home-studio revolution,
Bollinger took on the common honorific to become Mr Bollinger. He started experimenting
and releasing those experiments that covered electronic genres and hip-hop.
Around this time, and together with TSBOJ band mate Paul Narkiewicz, (aka Moontan),
he began the late night 4 hour live to air anything goes aural experiment Dreaming Electric,
on Melbourne community radio 3CR.

In 2004, a trip by Bollinger up the east coast and through the desert to the top end,
collecting songs and impressions on his way, led to a decision to strip back his sound
and to begin playing solo and unadorned. The result was an idiosyncratic country blues sound.

2011 to present
In 2011 Bollinger began jamming with Skt Stcklr and Richard Ziltch.
Born from a mutual love of Doom Metal and a desire to evolve the slowcore arrangements that
permeated 2011's denial recording into a band setting – the result was That Sinking Feeling.




SKOT STIKLA (aka: visortis, dj urinal cake, bumscuzz) - Ex Vocabularinist, who released one album on M&E and whose “a) .....?? b) Seasick Spirit c) How To Rub Up A Chubby” medley appears on DECADION 2

vocab slowly faded to an end as a live band somewhere around 2003, although released 1 more already made recording in 2006 'monkey brains controlling robot arms' and then stopped totally. the entire archive of all recording, studio & home made is now here for streaming & download:

the solo act that ran alongside vocab most of the time was the more noisy and stupid dj urinal cake (which contained a lot of vocab rec mangled further early on) who's entire archive can also be found here:

after the demise of vocabularinist, dj urinal cake began tracking and getting back to basics with many improvised recordings by longtime vocab supporter & sometimes collaborator funkmeister G. these new jams/recordings slowly spiralled out of control & into 2 albums of total demented zonkage known as Squeegeed Clean...........the albums so far
'Synchronised Fucking Up with Pre-Emptive Flashbacks' (2010) & 'Fake Sun Ra Bootleg' (2012) can be found here

these days, stikla is primarily releasing music under the name VisOrtis & most recently completed 2 album with experimental gothic doom metal act Mekigah, a much more polished dark & serious venture than anything previously involved with the vocab world:

and also one album (with another soon to be released) by 2 piece cross country ambient warped melodic project Dadirri, featuring visortis & long time home taping legend Ken Clinger from the U.S

also i programmed the beats / music in collaboration with my friend Megan D who is a singer/rapper and produced the one off project and cd Mass Debate "Shun' which is kinda political/ gay rights meets filth & fat danceable beats, kinda half in the spirit of Consolidated/ half 2 Live Crew!




ADAMOR - seen here beer in hand, like a good Australian, released one album on M&E and his track "Outback Psychogenic" appears on DECADION 2

A project from the Yippie Bean (tk bollinger, stinking badger of java etc) stable. Ambient avant garde experimentalism which to date is his only official music release.

Since then he has engaged in heaps of digital art & video art & contributed sounds and samples to various recordings.

As a video artist, along with Axiam (collectively known as 'Ziltch') AD for years made digital video animation and graphics to be used live with projectors or live bands, DJ events & experimental sound installations.

Gigs that Ziltch provided visuals for included:
vj's sounds nightclub special events 2004
Anamnesis - Melb Fringe Festival 2004 - Live virtual stage scenery
Vj's for Spin Cycle - Fringe Festival 2006
Club Elektronische - VJ's with Music by Anthony Ito - Fringe 2002
Stinking Badger of Java / DJ Urinal cake, 'sboj album launch, Revolver night club, 2003'

Ziltch made Video clips for bands:

videos for bands including:

Squeegeed Clean , Dadirri , Ruins , TK Bollinger , Mekigah, The Stinking Badger of Java , Frankie Death , One Lane Bridge , Vocabularinist

Contributions as sounds artist:
sample sounds & field recordings for:
Squeegeed Clean , Dadirri , Mekigah

and also Adamor has provided digital art, cd artwork etc for:
Squeegeed Clean , Dadirri , Mekigah ,The Stinking Badger of Java


There was a bit of space left, so I thought you might like to see the cover of Australia's all time best selling album.