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This review of the UWU CD comes from issue no.36 of Modern Dance, edited by Dave W. Hughes. Nowadays, he's much better known as Cousin Silas, maker of some rather cool music himself. Whether or not there is still a zine going, I'm not sure, but we're still in touch on Facebook, so a simple message should be able to find out all the latest details from him... (UPDATE)

These plugs and reviews come from the excellent German underground culture magazine, My Way, as edited by Uli Gernand of Bergkamen. It's many years since we've been in contact, these particular clippings coming from issues 49-51. Uli was an ardent supporter of the M&E project and came to stay for a while at our old Surrey base, though even that was probably 20 years ago now. I don't have a clue if the magazine is still going, but I do have an old e-mail address for Uli I can try to find out from... (*E-Mail Failed)

Prices in Belgian Francs, before the Euro, oh joy, back off Brussels! And IRC's! Oh wow, the staples of the old network! I'm really enjoying doing this, why did I ever stop? It's great to once again be exploring the world wide web that existed before the world wide web was switched on! Anyway, I have a couple of reviews on file from Didier Becu's zine, The Original Sin, issues 32 & 33, and am still in touch with the man himself on Facebook, so will hopefully have an update on his activities very soonishly... (UPDATE)


VARIOUS ARTISTS M&E Audiozine Spring Edition 2000 (Tape)(Music & Elsewhere)


If you’re into undergroundstuff then you’re going to use any method that makes it possible to know more about it…. Call it an addiction, call it snobism….call it whatever you want but for me it feels like a duty I have to fullfill. Luckily enough through various fanzines I know my way, and one of those ways led me to Music & Elsewhere which is a sort of organisation that promotes, distributes and sells tapes (and as it’s unavoidable CD’s as well). As not everyone is so wiling to spend money on something they’ve never heard (which is the most logic thing there is) Music & Elsewhere regularly put out a sort of sampler on tape from what you can expect, and this is one of the many…. There’s a big difference between the A-side and the B-side, as the A-side concentrates on guitarreleases (not quite, but you have to give your child a name, not?) while the B-side is exploring electronic artists. The A-side is not the type of music you’ll find at your local recordshop (well

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