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Another distant blast from the past that my contact folder has little more than a name reference to. I seem to remember Sivullinen was a Finnish based newsletter, the main purpose of which was putting like-minded folk in touch with eachother. This plug for the M&E project was taken from the Autumn 2000 edition and is a great lesson in not leaving it 12 years between newszines. Let's be honest, we have the internet these days, the idea of "issues" is a bit irrelevant anyway, you can almost publish on an "as it happens" basis. That sounded quite unintentionally Jimmy Saville, sorry. If anyone can put a more relevant name to this newsletter, be much appreciated. I'm all ears. Well, not exactly ALL ears, though they are quite big...


Magic Moments at Twilight Time

First thing to say about this CD is that it is not purist EM! Secondly, don't approach the CD expecting it to be a serious concept album - 'cause it ain't! So what is this CD? Well' I'm still trying to get a handle on it myself, but here are some clues. Take 80's synth-pop, mix it with elements of rock & punk, and liberally sprinkle with cosmic synth effects and you start to get a taste of what this album is about. 'Creavolution' certainly doesn't lack variety. It opens with 'The Starship Psychotron'. The synth backbeat will have Giorgio Moroder/Donna Summer fans fondly reminiscing over 'I Feel Love'. The vocals suggest Human League and with lines such as "get down and dance, there's a party goin' on" you can only admire them. The monologue which introduces 'Lights Turn Blue' needs to be experienced to be appreciated. Rarely has such depth and meaning been imparted via the human (or rather robotic) voice. Punk influenced vocals and rock characterise the track, one for Blondie fans. 'Kronophobia' is an interesting track. The filtered semi-spoken vocals and grinding melodics really work. Reminded me a bit of The Steve Miller Band. 'Purple Eyed & Mystified' is a pleasing chugger with lots of grungy guitar and various synth noises. The vocals sound superficial at first but actually do work well. Back to punk on 'Demonic Attack'. Plenty of animosity (and I like the moans and sighs as well!) and the satanic singing... well, what can I say! "Oh ferocious" are the closing words, and I can't sum it up any better than that! Acoustic guitar features on the Spanish influenced 'Spirit Electric', and I particularly like the rasping synth intro to the next track 'The Night Fantasia'. The synths on this track as a whole are very impressive, and it's an interesting juxtaposition between the throbbing synthetic background and the pure, clear vocal delivery. 'The Torch' is another piece which needs to be heard to be believed. It's opera Jim, but not as we know it. 'Rock & Roll Lifestyle' rounds the album off with "a thoroughly groovy party". Completely mad! 'Creavolution' is the type of thing you will either really connect with, or sit open mouthed wondering what the f**k's going on! One thing which is unmistakable though is the amount of fun they had making this. If you fancy a break from "serious" EM, this may well be for you. (GG)


The above review was taken from the website of Synth Music Direct about a decade ago, which I remember as being the prime source of quality electronic music at the time. The man behind the business was one David Law, and it looks like they are still running, the website certainly is. I've sent David a note via it and hope to be able to provide an update on their activities soonishly... (UPDATE)




This is one I don't know a thing about, just one of those I came across when accidentally typing my own name into a Google search box. It looks to be something Greek and they use funny letters what I can't read, but I can give you the URL, I suppose, then you can have a look yourself and see if you can make any sense of it. If you can, we'd like to know too (http://moremars.org/random1/TabooLess.html), then we can thank them for the kind words.



The name of the group and the wordplay in the title of the album predisposes us for a very special, if not good as well, hearing. The cover contributes in this predisposition a lot, since its’ layout reminds us of a cheap scientific comic of the ‘50s. All the signs were there! We’ve probably discovered another record, of the kind you find once in a blue moon and, so, it makes you think that this is music without boundaries, labels, conventions, specific goals and psychology. In other words, TABOO LESS music!


CREAVOLUTION ‘s content came out something like that in the end...

We could claim that the mastermind behind MMATT, Mick Magic, has stepped into «a different music dimension», with the help of his obsessive occupation with the pseudo-science [;] of PSYCHOTRONICS! By using Sequencer, electric and acoustic guitars, Synths, PCM programming and old televisions, he manages to narrate a really extraterrestrial story ... Inside the spacecraft, along with Dr of Psychotronics, three divine female voices travel: Leonie Jackson, Sammi Taylor and Inga Leru. Also, in this trip with Mick Magic goes the magic guitar of Damien Page [!] from Hecate’s Dream, and the voice of Gary St.John from Double trouble. However, the element that makes CREAVOLUTION unheard-of is the bizarre opera vocals by Brian Doran from OPERATTACK, which appear in tracks 5 & 9.

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to get a hold of it, but who knows? It might find you when the time’s right! It’s distributed by the British ELSE DISTRIBUTION, call 012277005160 ...

Natasa B.

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