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Maybe there was a time when the idea of doing a Zine-On-An-Email was considered a good idea, I certainly thought Andy Savage's effort was quite unique at the time, but then I was an online newbie and thought spam was something you ate with Vikings. It was one of those very brief and to the point things, being more a networking aid than detailed review source, as you can see from the June 200 extract on the right. I would rather doubt it still exists in that form, but there's plenty of e-mail address to find out from, so let's have a go... (addresses failed, website gone)

Oh, how beautiful is that? On the left there is a review from Dal Cartoons' Toonadelic Times, a glorious zine all done by hand, complete with some of the coolest illustrations you'll ever see. Being a Doctor of Psychotronics myself, tis impossible not to appreciate it in all its grand cosmicnicity! Sadly, all I know of Dal is that he lived in Marlborough in Wiltshire, but this was before the computer had taken hold, so I don't have an e-mail. If any of you are in touch with the mighty Dal these days, we'd love to hear from him. (UPDATE)


This was the work of Nuno Loureiro of Coimbra in Portugal, I seem to recall it was a label and zine, the latter of which included this review of our "Creavolution" album. I know I was always going on about him eating all the tubby custard, naughty Nuno, but don't remember too much more than that. Poor old Magic. Where's my slippers? Where are my feet? I was so sure I'd left them on the end of my legs. What price optimism. But I digress. As luck would have it, I do have an ancient e-mail address for Nuno, so I shall send him an "eh-oh" note and see what he's up to these days... (UPDATE)


June 2000

Edited by Andy Savage



M&E Audiozine Spring 2000

Compilation tape featuring 15 bands, from the comedy of Cheapo Card Company to the soundscapes of Artemiy Artemiev. Comes with a lively 12 page newsletter with lots of band reviews. Available for 3.99 from:

S.J.Taylor, 6 Farm Court, Frimley, Surrey, GU16 5TJ, UK.

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