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The above review is from an issue of Clavelline, a Czech zine (lucky all foreigners write in English, innit?) produced by Radek Vicherek, or Jelly to his friends. Name sound familiar? Thought it might. You may recall my mentioning it in our New Year 2001 Newsletter in relation to a postal chess game that was taking place between he and I. Amidst some early computer user chaos, I was unfortunate enough to lose the virtual board. And I was most definitely winning at the time. When I told Jelly of this great tragedy, it turned out that he TOO had lost all record of the game. How awful for him as he was so convinced it was really HIM that was winning! He'll be so pleased to know that, in the process of doing the first UWU Newszine for 12 years, well... look what I found!

I'm the blue one playing up the board. Don't think it takes a chess expert to see who is in the best position there, eh? Snigger. Not that I'm the sort of person who would rub it in, of course. So, that just leaves it to find out if the project is still active. And I could always send him a copy of the chessboard. Just for old time's sake, not rubbing it in, honest... (UPDATE)

This was a CD issued probably 10-11 years ago, just as things were winding down here. The young lady behind the project was the lovely Arabella Millett, or Arab, as I used to call her, much to her annoyance. I'm a Magic, it's my job. I seem to recall she started with a zine, but time has robbed me of the details. This album was the first release for Dream Ceiling Records, I wonder how well it did? I still have an old e-mail address for Arab, so let's see if I can find out... (UPDATE)

Back in 2000, every Friday night on 102 FM in Bucharest, you'd hear the voice of Cristian Busuioc introducing a diversity of underground and subterranean sounds across the airwaves. He was just starting to take a shine to MMATT when our output came to a halt. Such is life.


Hello! This is Cristian Busuioc from FUN RADIO-BUCURESTI

102 FM. 

 Here is the 15 Sep & 22 Sep Y2K "POST MODERN" Playlist:



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 I see an old Yahoo e-mail address in my contacts file, what are the odds they are still using the same one? Let's see... (*E-mail Failed)

"United World Underground (UWU) is a lot of things, but nothing in particular. Maybe 'virtual collective' would be a good name for it. Essentially, if you fit in with their manifesto they'll distribute you, publish you, promote you and pretty much anything else they can think of, all on a non-exclusive basis. What's more, by joining UWU you get put in the loop with newsletters, a yearbook, audiozines and discounts on most UWU merchandise. Full details are available from Mick Magic at magic@uwunderground.fsnet.co.uk, and you can get a bit more of a feel for the whole thing at http://music-elsewhere.hypermart.net."


That bit was sat in a folder on my PC labelled "Indie News". Um... no, I'm absolutely clueless, but if that should mean something to anyone out there, let us know, yeah? Ta kissy kissy.

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