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Philip Hutchinson was one half of the Christ & Satan duo that helped set Music & Elsewhere on the road back in 1988 with "Dark Side Of The Sausage", the first of many albums they did for us. They also contributed to "Zoen Nostalgia", nominated me for President and taught me everything I know about shirts. Still mad after all these years...

Magic Moments At Twilight Time Hi, Philip, and a very good afternoon to you, have you just listened to the 'Yoghurt' trailer?
Philip Hutchinson Is this where I am supposed to offer platitudes?
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Did "Icon no. 2" scare you, even briefly? ;)
Philip Hutchinson A brief moment of aural concern, yes. Good afternoon, young Mr Magic, and how thoroughly unsurprising it is to hear again just how little musical input I had.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Now don't be so hard on yourself! That's my job. ;) Well, good god (no pun intended), we do indeed go back a long way, don't we?
Philip Hutchinson Autumn 1988, I believe. All with dubious gratitude to Adrian Creek at the News & Mail for publishing your request for unusual local bands to contact you.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Ah, but of course, salut, Mr. Creek, should you be perusing these pages at any point. We were trying to put together an early roster for the new MMATT label (in absence of the MMATT band), I believe you guys were one of the first few we heard from. There were also a couple of reggae artistes, Samuel Lloyd Lodge and Tojo, plus Glen Miller Found, but I think they got lost again on the way to a barbecue. I seem to recall an early meeting, do you remember anything about that?
Philip Hutchinson As far as I recall, it may well have been in your car and in a pub. Peter Hussey and myself and you, most likely in your leather jacket. We had no idea what to expect.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Fuck, it was a long time ago! But you guys, Christ & Satan, you were the ones that really came through for us. First recording session was at our old Frimley base, sometime just before Christmas in 1988, where you recorded your mini opus, "Dark Side Of The Sausage". Let's have a listen to one of the tracks from that and see if anyone can work out the main target for your piss-taking...


Philip Hutchinson It was, I believe, December 30th. Pedantry in force.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time After Christmas then, sue me.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time It was Bono, wasn't it?
Philip Hutchinson Our Beach Boys tribute! I remember we had no drum machine, so we were using your keyboard presets. There was also no bass, so you used a pitch shifter on Peter's guitar.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Can I have my mug of Ribena now?
Philip Hutchinson Haven't heard it for years. Which is right and proper.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time God (sorry, you've got me at it now), you have a better memory than me. This would have also been the session where you turned me into an evil Santa (which is an anagram for Satan, so why are we surprised), but we'll come to that in a minute. Meanwhile, perhaps you can answer a question for me - according to the original credits, I did something on "Lisanne 2", but I'm buggered if I can remember what, do you know?
Philip Hutchinson The photo, by the way, was taken on the day. Peter is doing an overdub whilst I was typing out the notes for the cassette.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Careful, we're overlapping, one at a time or you're in the corner, young man! Now, the previous question, if you please...
Philip Hutchinson Alas, you did nothing on Lisanne 2 apart from the drum pattern of an ultra-basic 2/4 march!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Oh, I wondered if it might have been the guitar at the beginning or something. I shall have to go back in time and correct the credits on the inlay. Twat. Anyway, I promised "Santa Claus Is The Antichrist" and that's where we're going next. Altogether now; GIVE ME A FUCKING MINCE PIE! Ah, they don't write songs like that any more...

Magic Moments At Twilight Time I think my money would be on Donald Trump these days though.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time There you go, Holder, that's a REAL Xmas song!
Philip Hutchinson The intro is something Peter taped off the radio. I think we were drawing inspiration from both The Butthole Surfers and The Jesus & Mary Chain.
Philip Hutchinson This is all still pretty basic stuff, of course. We did just turn up to your flat with a guitar.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Ah, the Butthole Surfers, a band whose very mention brings a smile to my face! "Dark Side Of The Sausage" was short, circa 12 minutes, I think, which we released as part of a double pack with an Ehrlich Bullet (who are ya?) tape in the March of 1989. I still have the original booklet for it here, I believe a fair bit of that artwork would have come from you guys? And, of course, "Dark Side" was more recently reissued as part of one of "Decadion" collections...

Philip Hutchinson Any of the cartoon work featuring us was created by Nick Galvin. Nick was a fringe member of the band. He never played or rehearsed with us but turned up on a couple of tracks. I did the cover (well, I cut out a third eye to place on Peter O'Toole as an ersatz 'Albert'). Yes, you had a job lot of C12 cassettes and your idea was to put the releases out on these to offload them.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Alan Sugar in the making, eh? Hah! You missed out 'stolen' C12's, but it was a long time ago and hey, stealing is a bad thing to do, kids! And don't do drugs and clean your teeth before bedtime! You know, I'd never noticed the third eye piss-take before you just pointed it out. Thirty years, give me time. Nick, I believe, works for the BBC now. He did ask me specifically not to tag him in anything, so I gather it's something quite important?
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Here he is already practising anonymity in the local paper*... (hello again, Adrian!)

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Magic Moments At Twilight Time Or a Mr. Merrick prophecy!
Philip Hutchinson Good Lord. I can't answer for Nick. After finding him on Facebook years ago he did inform me that none of his friends in his youth had actually been his friends, merely people to hang out with to alleviate feelings of isolation. It didn't come as a surprise. I can't say why he would wish to avoid any recollections, but that's his choice.
Philip Hutchinson I severely doubt he is head of Religious Programming.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Oh, I wasn't criticising him for it, he's a decent guy is Nick, I gather it just might cause him some embarrassment, and when you think of some of the things we did back then, I get that! I can sympathise with the depression / alienation thing as well, of course.