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Ladies and gentlemen, Mesdames et Messieurs, meine Damen und Herren, the delightful Miss Shona Moments! Sho was the original MMATT vocalist, all the way from when we jokingly billed ourselves as "a husband and wife duo from north west Surrey". The actress, model and girl next door who became a part of my life for some eight years, and who eventually escaped 30 years ago this coming Tuesday, so happy Pearl Escape Anniversary for that! Good morning, Shona, nice to have a chance to catch up...

Magic Moments At Twilight Time Ah, the joys of live happenings...
Julie Howell :(
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Give her a minute, she's probably shy! Just talked to her 3 minutes ago on Messenger!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Is Pandora coming out to play?
Julie Howell Apparently not. :(
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Tell you what, let's go for some music, then I can pop off and see if I can find out what's gone wrong. This is Shona's very first recording with us, "Story X" from the March 1987 "State Of The Art Demo", enjoy muchly, and hopefully she'll be here to talk about it when it's finished!

Magic Moments At Twilight Time I've just spoken to her, hopefully she'll find her way here in a minute...
Shona Atkinson Am I in the right place now!!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time And not even on alcohol and pain meds! :) So, welcome, nice of you to join us, how's life treating you?
Shona Atkinson Not bad at all thanks although not doing much music these days tbh
Magic Moments At Twilight Time We've just been listening to your very first MMATT recording while you were... er... 'powdering your nose'... that piece of music I recorded in February '87, sounded good, but needed that little something extra, like your perfectly timed sci fi b movie delivery of "Story X", what do you remember of that?
Shona Atkinson Gosh it was such a long time ago and I just remember having a lot of fun and laughs as well as always trying to get everything just so
Shona Atkinson I was always quite dramatic!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time I could never believe you got the timing damned near perfect, first take! But then I suppose the stage training had a part to play in that, certainly added a lot to your live appearances with the band as well. Do you ever regret not following that through and taking up a career on the stage? I always thought you were such a natural actress.
Shona Atkinson I honestly really do have a lot of regrets about not following the dream to act professionally but life deals different cards I guess. I loved to be on stage and my singing was not that bad either!
Shona Atkinson Thanks for the compliment about the timing as you were such a perfectionist that it had to be right
Magic Moments At Twilight Time It certainly did, the joys of OCD, eh!? ;) But I think you had a nice voice, really suited what we did at the time, very versatile too. On the stage subject, of course, the first time you and I were on stage together, it was nowt to do with MMATT, remember the old days at The Priory Players, this was me in "Missing One Body", not sure of the year, 84 maybe? No, 85, has to be...
Shona Atkinson Omg yes I do remember Priory Players we had some fun and I loved it! Being on stage and being a character was brilliant those were some good days





















Magic Moments At Twilight Time And here's an even better one, both you and I in the cast of "Plaza Suite", a play we took all the way to the National Amateur Theatre Finals in Felixstowe! Okay, we didn't win, but it was a great performance and you were excellent in your dual roles. Me? "Hey, Mimi, cool it!"
Shona Atkinson I really remember this one as I was brilliant (big head time) but yes although we did not win it was hard and rewarding work! I always loved that one and I think I got high praise as I had to step in at the last minute for the second role so was a great experience for me
Shona Atkinson Your line was stupendous though :)
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Yeah, Gilly was taken ill, I remember. Let's see if you remember these guys too?
Shona Atkinson Got to be honest and say I am unsure on this?
Shona Atkinson Hope I donít upset anyone here
Magic Moments At Twilight Time On the left is Gary Pym, better known to MMATT fans as the Gary St. John that sang lead on "Rock & Roll Lifestyle" (after your time), next to him is wife, Kim Pym (snigger), next to you is singer, Adam Watson, all of whom, together with me, were 'The Terry Daniels Show', si?
Julie Howell I recognised Gary but Iím keeping quiet.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Don't clap on your own, I'll throw you a fish...
Shona Atkinson Okay guess that was after my time to be fair and what exactly did The Terry Daniels Show do?
Shona Atkinson Didnít everyone have such nice hair? Gosh the styles then!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Not after your time, this was early '85, you and I used to be part of their cabaret act, though I think we only ever did the one show with them at Lentheric Social Club before Gary's talent for disorganisation saw it all fall apart. I have a whole rehearsal tape - "Country Road", "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" - coming back to you yet?
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Getting nervous? ;)
Shona Atkinson Donít play any of that!! I vaguely remember this way back omg so long ago
Magic Moments At Twilight Time It's time to hide in the cupboard then, coz this is irresistible, this is you and me rehearsing "Come Outside", January 1985...

Shona Atkinson Country Road omg who was I Olivia Newton John!!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time We're talking about this one now...
Magic Moments At Twilight Time  There's a luvverly moon up there
Magic Moments At Twilight Time And how could you judge me on just two minutes, that was cruel! ;)
Magic Moments At Twilight Time I enjoyed that. I think she's in shock, I'm sure she'll be back in a minute.
Shona Atkinson Bloody hell you certainly were persistent Mick that was really digging up old stuff sorry had to listen all the way through!
Shona Atkinson Shocking!
Shona Atkinson Nice guitar playing though
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Oh, minute, someone's come to say bye bye before she goes off to ballet, got a wave for Auntie Shona?
Shona Atkinson Hello Twizz x lovely wave and enjoy your ballet lesson xx

Shona Atkinson Loads of love x