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To celebrate the bedevilled remaster of our ominous 13th album, I present "Flashbax Omicron 13", a very special collection of MMATT tracks that have NEVER been available in digital format before, all of which is yours to keep for free (plus two other albums digitised for the first time)! Let's enjoy some music (and elsewhere), wax lyrical about 'The Curse Of Creavolution' and see what surprises may come our way. Da da DAH... ;)

Magic Moments At Twilight Time So many greetings one and all (please feel free to say hi if you'd like to, no pressure though, if you'd rather quietly enjoy it all, that's cool with us)! Apologies for the late start, bit of a mishap regarding the FO13 tracks... as in I forgot to upload them. Did the bonus albums, completely overlooked the one that matters!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Oh, if you'd like to take a look at what's coming today and Sunday, here ya go, one track from each of our 13 albums (as best we could, but we'll explain when we get there)...

Gordon Borrows That would make a fantastic CD / Cassette release for us non downloaders ????
Magic Moments At Twilight Time It's actually too long for a CD, sorry, something over 80 minutes. MP3 CD would work though. Cassettes? I wish! Hey, get the kids to help you with the download... or do I have to make you a special again! ;)
Gordon Borrows I like being special :)
Magic Moments At Twilight Time So we finally got there, but there was a while I thought it was all going to go horribly wrong again! Those of you that have been around a while may remember the horrendous bitter legal battle that followed the botched first pressing back in 1995. Well, if not, you can pick up the story in our 'United World Underground' photo album on the MMATT FB page. Start from here (image link) and go forward...
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Suffice to say it was bad. We won the case, but it was a hollow victory and the CD was seven months late being released, ultimately finding its way out on 20th May 1996. So we've beaten that by six months this time!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Marc Bell was, of course, the original studio engineer on the recording, now owner of TMR Records, so much credit goes to him for this outstanding analogue remaster. Let's just hope he beats the curse and gets out of hospital soon! I'll come back to that...

Magic Moments At Twilight Time We knew this one would be a BIT late because 'someone' made a goof with the artwork (hides head in shame) that didn't come to light until Marc received the 'customer approval copy', and approve it he did. So we figured we'd be looking at maybe another week...

Magic Moments At Twilight Time Then they discovered an error on the glass master and the whole thing ground to a halt again. On the bright side, they found it in quality control BEFORE manufacturing the whole run! The manufacturers were great about it, invited Marc down to see it all put right and a new glass master being made...

Magic Moments At Twilight Time But it all took a bit longer than the week we'd been hoping for. They gave Marc a new test disc in the meantime, he informed me it sounded great and okayed the re-press. Then we wait. And we wait. And we wait... until...