Magic Moments At Twilight Time Then, the curse hit Marc... I got this from him on the Sunday; "... spent yesterday afternoon in Newham General Hospital..... have pretty bad concussion, after a mishap with a big oak front door."
Magic Moments At Twilight Time But it takes more than a bad concussion to stop Marc Bell from working; "I'll be OK to get things rolling tomorrow as soon as the delivery arrives! Been told to take a week off. Got to see my GP straight away on Monday & book a hospital check-up. Don't worry I have someone to cover for the delivery if it arrives when I'm out! I'm still dizzy & seeing stars..... not good at all. But the X-ray was OK nothing broken. At least it'll give me a few days off to do promo work. I have stamps & jiffy bags ready to mail out too. When I receive the box (actually it was 4 large boxes with the last CD). I'll send you a picture - put a disc in the post for you straight away & we can put up an official release date!"
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Monday morning came, no delivery at TMR, but Marc says; "He (doctor) says I'm OK... check up & and x-ray at the QEII Hospital tomorrow though."
Magic Moments At Twilight Time I wished him well and asked if there was any sign of the CD's yet? "Not yet..... am still waiting, it's an afternoon delivery before 7pm SP say."
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Finally, Wednesday morning I get a note and a photo from Marc...
"It's here!"

Magic Moments At Twilight Time But that wasn't all; "Sorry spent the night in hospital, it's worse than I thought. Have slight bleeding on the brain. Have to go back tomorrow for an operation to relieve the pressure..... they drill a hole..... sounds wonderful!!!!! To cap it all they tried for 2 days to deliver it to the wrong fucking address... (see picture) this project is CURSED!!!!"

Magic Moments At Twilight Time Yeah, they tried to deliver our cursed 13th album to no.13. Needless to say, Marc doesn't live at no.13. I last heard from him yesterday lunchtime; "Hopefully back sometime tomorrow. Got a slight twitch in my left arm, which I guess isn't good?" I think he's probably a little optimistic - if they drill a hole through your skull, I think there's a reasonable chance they'll keep him in for observation overnight. I'm sure I can join with all of you in wishing him a speedy recovery. Oh, and sorting out the advance orders... ;)

Magic Moments At Twilight Time So, while Marc is having a pleasant stay at the QEII, let's have a listen through the tracks on the very last (no, it really will be this time, after 'Vol. 10: The LAST Flashbax' and 'Flashbax Ω ULTIMATE', it really really really will be the final one!!!) of the 'Flashbax' compilations, yours to download freely at the end of the event.

Magic Moments At Twilight Time And we start with the very first demo album, which was actually titled "Magic Moments At Twilight Time" and recorded under my real name of Mick Lancaster (sshhh). This is the original photo the cover was made from. To be honest, it should never have seen the light of day. Probably the only good things to come out of it were that it provided the band with a name when it came to it, and the track I've included on this collection. It's a bit raw, but then it was the first ever full recording I made, Wednesday 16th July 1986, the one Nick 'Morgan' Lewis referred to in our recent 'Online Chat With'. If you have a weak bladder, you might want to go first. This is "A House With A Haunted View"...

Magic Moments At Twilight Time Seriously tempted to do something with this piece of music one of these days, it has a lot of potential, none of which was realised on this first attempt!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time This last saw release on "Willy The Oak Tree's 20th Birthday Party... And Other Archive Magic!" (MMATT 21/22) in July 1988, I suspect only the most hardcore of fans would ever have heard it before. And people like Nick who couldn't avoid it coz he lived in the same house at the time. ;)
Jan N. Kremski you know you've stolen the intro from roundabout by yes? :(
Magic Moments At Twilight Time I never saw a notification for this post, but better late than never, eh? Actually, yes (no pun intended), I meant to say something about it on the day but clearly forgot. I think it was a couple of years afterwards that I realised why the harmonics at the beginning sounded so familiar. Obviously, if I do have another bash at it at some point in the future, I'll have to rethink that section. Bet Steve Howe never thought of running the bath tap though... ;)
Magic Moments At Twilight Time From little acorns, eh? My second demo album was the first to actually use the MMATT name, "W20 Advance Guard", and it couldn't have been more different. This was after Albert's (in little green form) legendary visit before the W20 Session on Saturday 25th October 1986. You know, the one where he rewired all the effects and amps to create that special MMATT sound. Ahem. The cover I've picked to illustrate it isn't the one that adorned the final release in March 1987, rather one I handmade for my first attempt at compiling it.

Magic Moments At Twilight Time That's our Shona with the demonised red eyes. She's very nice really, doesn't bite fingers or anything. The track I've selected has the rather odd title of "IFE-1086148 (Sick)", but you may recognise that backing rhythm as later being recycled into the backing tracks for both "Pandora" and "Aftermath". Enjoy muchly...

Magic Moments At Twilight Time Last time this saw the light of day would be the same collection as the previous track. Call me a weirdo, but I