Music & Elsewhere "Creavolution Reborn" is on sale from TMR Records...

Music & Elsewhere Sweet dreams...
Oette Inger

Mick, thanx for this great session. :-)

Now I will play Klaus Nomi on my turntable.

Ok, Ok, I know he was a countertennor...

Time for my own operatic bits...

Andy Clark (Flowers Of Sacrifice) Active now

(Editor's Note: Sadly, we were all gone by then...)

Andy Clark Finally got the bandwidth to catch up, some superb bands played gives me some warm memories

And a warm welcome to the second M&E Collection launch presentation, this time we're taking a walk on the gothier side of the street. Come join me right here in about 10 minutes...

Andy Clark (4 September at 15:15) Those dark and brooding middle aged grumpy men The Flowers of Sacrifice will quite possibly stop their general dark lives to listen in, you never know.

Mick Tron - The Biodroid Good evening!
Mick Tron - The Biodroid And only one way to start this off tonight...

Mick Tron - The Biodroid And the absolute proof that MMATT
had a bit of a secret goth inside them, this is "Demonic Attack"...
Mick Tron - The Biodroid Inga Leru on lead vocal there... (pictured top of next column on website edit)

Mick Tron - The Biodroid Mick tells me the very essence of M&E came from originally connecting with other bands and artistes that shared a common thread with his own band. Listening to things like this and "Love Let Thy Name Be Darkness", you can see the link. The operatic voice is once again Brian John Doran, who Mick featured in the earlier presentation.
Mick Tron - The Biodroid And he won't forgive me if I don't get a plug in for "Creavolution Reborn", available from TMR Records...

Mick Tron - The Biodroid Ooh ferocious!
Mick Tron - The Biodroid And on with the show, and one of the biggest names in the underground goth scene...

Mick Tron - The Biodroid The track I've picked for tonight
comes from their excellent "Dark Amour" album, this is "Lifeforce"...
Mick Tron - The Biodroid Alex Novak can't be with us tonight as he's DJing, but hopes to set up an online chat soonishly. If you're around Northampton tomorrow night, VFT are on stage...

Mick Tron - The Biodroid Fairly recent picture for ya here too...

Mick Tron - The Biodroid It's quiet out there, am I waiting for people to crawl back in from a night out? ;)
Mick Tron - The Biodroid Mind you, you miss these things live, it's not as if they go anywhere, it'll all be here tomorrow, and Mick will edit it for the website soon enough.
Mick Tron - The Biodroid He's nice like that.
Mick Magic He's not wrong.
Mick Tron - The Biodroid And while we're on the BIG names from the subterranean goth circuit...