Skit Zoyd Skit go bed now, got to be up by 2. Think Magic's fucked off to bed too. But Skit say hi to you. Hi, yas! Night.
Mick Tron Alone at last...
Mick Tron So Magic gets to do "Cherchez La Femme" tomorrow evening, chat to all the ladies. And I get to sit here with a bunch of shy goths at midnight. Next time, I'M doing the planning...
Mick Magic Yup, I get the ladies. Not as daft as I look, am I? ;)
Mick Tron You couldn't be...
Mick Tron Amazing stuff, the kind of track you wish would never end, Sweet William, it's ended...
Next up, the top selling goth band on M&E, twice winners of their Release Of The Season accolade, pray reverence for...

Mick Tron Three incredible albums on M&E, I have listened to
every second of each, and this is the track I have chosen for tonight's presentation. From "Cosmogonia", this is "Malvasia". Bow, you are in the presence of greatness...
Mick Tron Definitely a touch of psychedelia worked its way into this album too, probably why it was such a huge hit on M&E. Kind of worked its way into this band picture too... ;)

Mick Tron Cameraman on acid / posed in art gallery, if only Iannis was here to tell us.
Mick Tron Well, that leaves just one track on the playlist, which I saved coz I thought it was a fairly bright and uplifting track to end the presentation with. Okay, finished a bit early, but that's why Magic gave me the graveyard shift, isn't it? Knew I'd be on my own. Ah well, to those of you that have passed through in silence and enjoyed some darkly wondrous sounds with me, I thank you. Should you wish to pick yourself up a copy of one of M&E's two highly recommendable collections, you'll find details on the front page of their website at (Editor's note: we've had this conversation...)

Mick Tron So to the last band of the night...

Mick Tron This is they, as they were back in that golden age of underground music you had on this Earth...

Mick Tron And the song I've chosen to close tonight's
presentation with is "Silver". Enjoy darkly, thank you, goodnight.
Mick Magic Details of tomorrow's three presentations will be on the main FB event page soon after breakfast time. Well, 11ish at least... ;)
That's goodnight from me as well, cheers.

On Fri, Sep 6, 2019 at 12:52 PM Mick Magic wrote:
"Hi Mike, If you're around tonight for the late 'All Things Dark & Beautiful' presentation, do pop in say hi. Starting 23:00 BST / UTC+1. Expect you'll be in bed by then at your age though... ;-)


Mike Pougounas (The Flowers Of Romance / New Zero God) in the morning: "hahaha... I was in bed indeed..."

I love that rock and roll lifestyle, yeah...

Skit start "Strictly Elsewhere" in 10 minutes right HERE, best bands of M&E Collection pain yer ears, yas! Are you ready...

Skit Zoyd Are you sitting comfortably? Skit think - NOT FOR LONG! I Skit Zoyd, big star of Ehrlich Bullet, making ears hurt for 30 plus years. My band...

Skit Zoyd You want hear? You no choice - "WE AT GRAIN
Skit Zoyd You want see band? Only me here. You see me. I pretty. I show you graphic... Music Is Dead, Let It Rot!

Skit Zoyd Who speak Skit? Come say hello, I no bite. I lie, I fucking bite.
Toshiyuki Hiraoka Hello!
Skit Zoyd Ah, Toshi, great Japan musician, Skit love stuff you do with that strange instrument you have on lap and bow it and it make wild noizes. Honour to talk to you! :)
Skit Zoyd Toshi on The UWU Collection, elektroid, yas!

Skit Zoyd Toshi work on new project now?
Skit Zoyd Maybe he gone now, very late in Japan.
Skit Zoyd Ah, nostalgia, Skit love old daze. I will hurt ears more, Skit give advice... put kitchen paper in headphone cups to catch blood, okay?

Skit Zoyd Here one I did earlier, har! Now more noise, noise noise from the mighty...