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Bar & Co (Germany)

M&E 198 Z (Jul-93)



   In The Dreams Of Henry

   Spencer (Live) (10:48)


Barra (England)

M&E 258 The Mini Album (Apr-94)



   Gnosis (4:54)



BDF / Bild Der Frau (Austria)

See also SiRenée

M&E 277 Bild Der Frau (Oct-94)



   Phurz (3:55)



Blacklight Braille (U.S.A.)

M&E 450 Old Bones & Sacred Stones (Jul-98)
M&E 451 Dietles Tavern (Jul-98)
M&E 563 The Castle Of The Northern Crown




   Blacklight Braille Takes The Stand (1:45)



   Knights In Black Steel (7:30)



   Bottle Green Waters (4:29)


• Interview with Owen Knight (December 2014)


Blade (England)

M&E 392 The End Of Time (May-97)



   Twisted Religion

(Harley James Remix) (3:38)  



Body Full Of Stars (England)

* See also Terri B / The Rabbit's Hat

M&E 471 Body Full Of Stars (Jan-99)



   The Quaking Houses (6:23)



The Boogiemen (England)

M&E 051 R 'n' B With A Touch Of Soul (Jul-92)
M&E 094 Gonna Get Ya Soul (Dec-92)
M&E 209 Do It All Night (Jul-93)



   I've Made Nights By Myself (3:37)




Bray (Austria)

M&E 215 Das Schlachtfest (Oct-93)



   Todesstern (5:27)



Burning Dollhouse (Germany)

M&E 262 Burning Dollhouse (Jul-94)



   Silver (4:51)

Terri B (England)

*See also Body Full Of Stars / The Rabbit's Hat

M&E 409 Abstract (Oct-97)
M&E 426 Open The Box… (Jan-98)



   Ephemeral Fire (4:44)



   Floating (4:49)



Barking Dogma (U.S.A.)
See also Kevyn Dymond & Mark Shafer / The Folkoffs / Cynde Gehman

M&E 318 Barking Dogma (Sep-95)



   This Is Fiction (15:35)



The Bionics (Wales)

M&E 467 Non-Specific Meat (Jan-99)



   Pigafetta Says (3:05)



The Blackout Radio Show With Mike Pougounas (Greece)

*See also The Flowers Of Romance

A special edition of the English language broadcast from November 2017, marking the release of "The United World Underground Collection" (M&E 25-01). The programme features many of the bands and artistes that were included on it, plus you have yours truly as Mike's guest throughout the two hours...



   United World Underground Special - Nov. 2017 (114:06)



• Further information: The Magic Net feature (October 2018)


Blowhole (U.S.A.)

M&E 200 Truth And Beauty (Jul-93)



   Hodad / Peace (20:34)



Blue Velvet (England)

*See also Who Moved The Ground?

M&E 043 Blue Velvet (Jul-92)



   Falling Star (6:27)



Mr. Bollinger (Australia)

*See also The Stinking Badger Of Java

M&E 593 The Future Of Capitalism (May-03)



   This Is The Future (3:24)



   T.K. Bollinger & That Sinking Feeling -

Rich Man's Heaven (4:53)


Daniele Brusaschetto (Italy)

M&E 394 Di Circostanza (May-97)



   Mamma Fottimi (8:35)



Buzz Conductor (England)

M&E 052 Startled Businessmen (Jul-92)



   80's Hero (3:56)


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