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The Calculus Affair (England)

*See also Christ & Satan / Christ!

M&E 130 Falling Off My Skateboard Into A Pile Of Baseball Caps And John Reginald Halliday Christie



If You're Going To San Francisco (Be Sure To Take Some Acid On Your

                Skateboard) (5:49)


Cancerous Growth (U.S.A.)

*See also Phinney, McGee, Moneymaker, Henson / Viktimized Karcass

M&E 049 Versawomesh (Jul-92)



   Krank (3:54)



Cerise Eclipse (England)

M&E 131 The Amazing Bubble Machine




   The Magnificent Bubble

           Machine (5:03)


Château De Fleurs (Norway)

M&E 354 Château De Fleurs (Nov-96)



   Untitled Hidden Track (7:52)



Cheapo Card Company (England)

M&E 245 When Lost Plants Recall (Jan-94)
M&E 375 Ointment Makes Am-Ess (Jan-97)


   The Magi Crap (Mega Mix) (2:45)



   Rusty Machine (2:05)


• Interview with Wil Walker (August 2015)

• Creavolution 22: The Bonus Album - Mick Magic & Friends


Christ & Satan / Christ! (England)

*See also The Calculus Affair

MMATT 28/29 C&S twin release with Ehrlich Bullet - Dark Side Of The Sausage / Music Is Dead…Let It Rot! (Mar-89)
MMATT 31 / M&E 042 Please Don't Touch My Yoghurt (Oct-89 / Jul-92)
M&E 128 Landscape Gardening With Ian & Myra (Dec-92)
M&E 129 Ian Curtis In A Spacesuit (Dec-92)
M&E 194 Mmm…Liquorice (Jul-93)
M&E 420 Christ & Satan Fill Vol-Au-Vent Cases With Raspberry Jelly And David Bowie (Jan-98)



   Please Don't Touch My Yoghurt Trailer (1:52)



   Winnie The Pooh Has A Chainsaw (5:39)



   Fairy Tales For Washington Wives No. 4 (2:21)



   Italian Pickle Farming (2:42)



* Christ & Satan tracks from the 2018 Magic Moments Revival online events;

   God (excerpt) (1:42)

   Santa Claus Is The Antichrist (1:17)

   Andrew Coate For President (2:23)


* Other projects by Philip Hutchinson from the 2018 Magic Moments Revival online events;

   Winterfall - Pro Dominus Tecum (3:28)

   Heroin Grandmothers - F (excerpt) (13:32)


• An Online Chat With Philip Hutchinson (August 2018)



Christ & Satan / Ehrlich Bullet -

"Dark Side Of The Sausage /

Music Is Dead... Let It Rot!"
                (MMATT 28/29, March 1989

                30th anniversary edition)



Christ! - "Please Don't Touch My Yoghurt"

(MMATT 31, October 1989)



Crawling With Tarts (U.S.A.)

M&E 166 1 Snak 2 Rider (Apr-93)



   Plowing And Tilling (5:16)



Crispin (England)

M&E 352 Sunburst (Nov-96)
M&E 390 Oneness (May-97)



   Sunburst (9:05)




Cyborg Sex Babies (England)

M&E 126 Dead Friend (Dec-92)



   See Her (4:11)

Cabbage Head (England)

M&E 210 Boiled Cabbage (Oct-93)



   Caa Bich Hed (9:05)



Don Campau (U.S.A.)

M&E 050 Mixed Messages (Jul-92)
M&E 206 False Positive (Jul-93)
M&E 213 Transition Man (Oct-93)
M&E 363 Pen Pals 2 (Nov-96)
M&E 436 & Robin O'Brien - Western Union (Jul-98)



   No One Knows (3:16)



   Magical Mile (with Robin O'Brien) (3:13)


• Interview with Don Campau (April 2014)

• The Magic Net Feature On Don's Network Activities

(October 2018)


Captain's Log (Sweden)

*See also Pseudo Sun

M&E 557 Astral Voyage (Apr-00)



This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us (11:07)



The Charles (England)

C 4005 Collaborative split with Magic Moments ATT - Mick & Chris On Acid (May-87)
C 4006 Split with Magic Moments ATT

- Live…And Sorry! (May-87)
M&E 089 The Whirligig Cassette / As Far As The Eye Can See (Dec-92)



   Ides Of March (3:49)


• An Online Chat With Chris Carter (August 2018)


*Other projects involving Chris Carter from M&E collections;

   Serious Plankton - D O P E N R G (Live) (5:34)
   Dirty Planet - Splitting The Atom (3:33)


                  *BONUS FREE DOWNLOAD

   The Charles - "The Whirligig Cassette II"

(Self released cassette, 1987)





Communication Union (U.S.A.)

*See also Blaine Jones

M&E 249 Symphony No.1: Where Land Meets Water




   Home (8:10)



Comrade / Товарищ (Ukraine)

*See also Elza / Elza Soundtrack / Golden Hits

M&E 247 Split - Golden Hits '93 / Comrade '89 (Jan-94)



   Blues (3:16)



The Conspiracy (England)

*See also The Networkers

M&E 153 The Inside: Story! (Apr-93)
M&E 156 Pop! (Apr-93)
M&E 197 Sounds Of Pleasure (Jul-93)
M&E 254 Split with Lord Litter - The Split Tape

M&E 300 Out Of The Blue (May-95)
M&E 319 Out Of The Black (Sep-95)
M&E 335 The Grand Illusion (May-96)
M&E 391 Poison Crawl (May-97)
M&E 421 Analogue Retrospective: 1989-1996 (Jan-98)
M&E 465 Blue Angel Agenda (Jan-99)
M&E 551 Paradigm Shift (Apr-00)
M&E 588 Sword Of Damocles / Ghost EP (May-03)



   Tenderhooks (E-Bow Mix) (4:03)


• Interview with Duncan Pope & Dave Bell (August 2015)


Cosmic Dance Society (Germany)

*See also Crimson Revelation / Feces Connoisseurs / Folterchrist IV

M&E 257 Dilemma & The King Of Thing (Apr-94)
M&E 297 Our Gods & Users (May-95)
M&E 333 As Cosmic Kraank Society - Silly Things First




   Guardian Angel (5:31)



   Experienced? (5:55)



   Cosmic Kraank Society - 750 Silly Parties (6:20)



Crimson Revelation (Germany)

*See also Cosmic Dance Society / Feces Connoisseurs / Folterchrist IV

M&E 462 Exoneration (Jan-99)



   Sanctus Nocturnus (21:29)



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