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Dark Star (Germany)

M&E 151 States Of Mind (Apr-93)
M&E 152 No Sign Of Intelligent Life (Apr-93)
M&E 398 Arrival Of The Masters Of Confusion (May-97)
M&E 401 When Twilight Falls On NGC 891 (Oct-97)



   Masterplace (5:04)



Deathsquad (England)

M&E 577 Vague Memory And Self Assassinations 1998-2000 (May-03)
M&E 597 Insect Psalms (Strap On Volume 2) (May-03)



   Error 404 (4:33)



Delphium (England)

M&E 573 Heart Full Of Hate (Jan-01)



   Heaven And A Hope Eternal



   With Mimetic - Esox Lucius (7:51)



The Den (England)

See also Nova Galaxie Robotnik / Religious Overdose (England) / The Venus Fly Trap

M&E 582 Split with The Venus Fly Trap - Dark Amour / Jailbait (May-03)



   Pissing In The Sonic Temple (14:42)



Disc (England)

M&E 279 Disc 1.0 (Oct-94)



   The Hoodoo Voodoo Hairdo

(Of Fu Manchu) (4:44)


Doctor Brown (England)

*See also The Sonic Arcana

M&E 292 Live At Hebden Bridge (Jan-95)
M&E 388 My Lovely Horse (May-97)
M&E 575 Look What's Just Got In My Cab... (May-03)



   Summerday Blues (Live) (8:01)



• The Magic Net Feature - The Kev Ellis Show (Summer 2019)

Dark Side Cowboys (Sweden)

M&E 366 Review (Nov-96)



   Missing (6:31)



   One Moment In Time (5:59)



Bruno De Angelis (Italy)

*See also Mana ERG

M&E 076 Nets'Vis (Jul-92)



   Definitely Plotinus (3:19)



The Deprogramming Center (U.S.A.)

Charles Rice Goff III is your host for this special edition of the iconic radioshow, originally Broadcast on 2nd December 2017, marking the release of "The United World Underground Collection", featuring many of the bands and artistes who appeared on it.



   Show # 54 - United World Underground Special



• Further Information: The Magic Net Feature (October 2018)


Doc Wör Mirran (Germany)

M&E 096 Brocolli June Harvest (Dec-92)



   Mario's Trousers (3:41)



Dopefinger (England)

M&E 585 Earth Chant (May-03)



   Earth Chant (3:51)



The Drum Fondu (Belgium)

*See also Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre Fantome

M&E 040 It's Late (Apr-92)
M&E 097 The Singer Just Left The House (Dec-92)



   No Singer (2:37)



Kevyn Dymond (U.S.A.)

*See also Barking Dogma, The Folkoffs, Cynde Gehman

M&E 035 & Mark Shafer - Play Something You Know (Apr-92)



   The Brandenburg Concerto (as Kev Orkian) (5:19)

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