The very grand sounding Charles Rice Goff III (he's not, he's a very down to Earth and humble member of the underground community) is another of those who has been around for aeons, but who I managed to miss in all those 'back in the day' years. Luckily, Lord Litter is good at putting you in touch with people you've missed, so better late than never. Musically (and elsewherely), he's produced an enormous body of work over the years, including the reasonably well known name of Herd Of The Ether Space, and the most amazing pile of solo and collaborative albums. You may well have heard of the Taped Rugs label and The Deprogramming Centre (sorry, Center, it's American) radioshows too. There's a really big collection of his music available via Bandcamp at the moment, tis called "Biography" (I have a copy, fascinating stuff indeed), which seems quite appropriate, and it features a nice picture of either him or the Emergency Medical Hologram from 'Star Trek Voyager' on the cover. A very reasonable (and unusually precise) $4.67 (US) for the whole 52 track download. Oh, and as it's coming up for Halloween (and Thanksgiving isn't far away Stateside, the ultimate celebration of biting the hand that feeds you ;-), he sent some links for some rather more seasonal material, and all freely available on that wonderful cultural repository that is the Internet Archive...


And you'll find the extensive catalogue of the Taped Rugs label (1980 to present), the front page of which just has to be the ultimate beacon for acidheads everywhere, on this one...


CRG3 (oh yes, we're on 'Stars Wars' robot name terms) also does a fortnightly radioshow called The Deprogramming Center (every other Friday at midnight, Pacific Time / UTC-7) on KOWS 92.5 in the Occidental / Sebastopol area of California (not to be confused with the Deliberate / Sebastopol area), broadcasts later being available on the Taped Rugs website (link is right at the bottom of the home page, if you can get away from the trippy bit at the top) for around a month. For show 54, broadcast on December 2nd last year, he was kind enough to produce a UWU Collection Special, dedicating the whole programme to our great labour, featuring music from Galactic Lilah, X Ray Pop, Trespassers W, Toshiyuki Hiraoka, The Legendary Poptones & M. Nomized, Sphinx, L.G. Mair Jr. and Levente. Much appreciated, sir, may your life be filled with joyful things. But not marzipan, that's mine.


Also also (well, we've had one also already), for the last six months, he's been doing a show called Magnetic Bungalow which "features deep looks at individual cassette albums from the 20th century from a variety of artists." Unlike the Deprogramming Center (that's twice I've got it right first time now), however, this one is archived permanently. A search will turn up some analysis of gems from such subterranean luminaries as Ken Clinger, Mental Anguish, Lord Litter and Alain Neffe. I shall enjoy putting my feet up and exploring some of these shows as soon as Twizz gives me a day off! Meanwhile, I've only had the briefest of dips, but I love the idea and shall make it my ambition to one day be deemed worthy of inclusion myself. Or send him money...

LINK: (search = "Magnetic Bungalow")


The Deprogramming Centre - Show # 54 - UWU Collection Special - Originally Broadcast on 2nd December 2017

Features; Galactic Lilah Et L’Orchestre-Fantôme, X Ray Pop, Trespassers W, Toshiyuki Hiraoka, The Legendary Poptones & M. Nomized, Sphinx, L.G., Mair Jr. and Levente