40 - “Unitas XVIII”

“Hal McGee... Electronic Cottage... Microcassette Assemblage For Communitas... honestly... I make it sound like a disease.”


HAL McGEE (Hal Tapes)
Like Don, Hal was a giant of the cassette underground way before I even knew it existed, the Electronic Cottage zine merely a fondly whispered memory amongst networkers by the time I turned up. Like many who had heard those whispers way back when, we were thrilled to see the name resurface in the digiverse a few years back and am very proud to have our music associated with it.


41 - “Microcassette Assemblage For Communitas” - Hal McGee


audio folk art
recorded July and August 2021
with four Sony microcassette recorders

consisting of the sounds of my daily life, including:
my dog Stanley
spoken words
shortwave radio
Casio CT-S200RD keyboard
circuit-bent Casio SK-1
two-string pink dumpster guitar
the voice of Lumen K
with contributions by Rafael González and Leslie Singer

I have been making recordings of my own personal homemade experimental music since October 1981.
Since then I have recorded and issued more than 300 albums — solo works, splits, collaborations, and more than 80 compilations.

You can find all of my albums here:

42 - “End Of Volume II”

Well, as they’d come all that way to do the introduction for Vladimir Vpdodo, we figured we may as well give our “Café Too Late” couple (they’d argue about that terminology, I’m sure) the job of signing off on the album too. As previously, here’s the human bits, my machine-speak being a bit rusty...

“Yes, I'm on time for once. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, you know.”

“Of course I know it's an important announcement. You have now reached the end of Volume II. ”

“Yes, of course I was going to. We thank you for the continued use of your ears.”

“No, I hadn't forgotten that either. We hope you will join the Magic Bullet and friends once more to enjoy Volume III of our eclectic electro-experimental experience.”

“Which just leaves it to say, it's goodnight from us.”


“Ummm... look, I know it didn't work out too well last time, but I wondered if you'd like to try again for a coffee, what do you think?”

“How very rude. I really must have a word with my mother.”