01 We Approach From The Skies Of The West (2:58)


Passing through a rift from his parallel Earth, the Traveller's craft approaches the village of Knott End-On-Sea from the west, crossing the River Wyre from the skies over Fleetwood. As our house comes into view on its screen, The Traveller calls ahead...


The Hostess: How may I help you, fellow traveller?
The Traveller: We would visit your Asgard. We approach from the skies of the west.
The Hostess: The skies of the west open to welcome you. Please engage cloak and land your craft on the field beyond the garden. Please take care to avoid the tractor. Thank you.


With him, he brings a portal, a device bearing an uncanny resemblance to an indoor TV aerial, through which he can look back to his own version of the house, which we are ashamed to admit appeared to be considerably tidier then ours...

  02 We Would Hear The Machines (3:45)

The Hostess: My name is Samantha, I will be your hostess, welcome to the Asgard of the Central Dimension. Please follow me to our reception area where you may partake of hot or cold refreshments.
The Traveller: Stop! First, we would seek knowledge of the room at the back. Give us this knowledge.
The Hostess: It is the Utility Room.
The Traveller: Does it have a portal?
The Hostess: It does not have a portal.
The Traveller: We have brought with us a portal, may we look at our own?
The Hostess: Mi casa, su casa.
The Traveller: Does it have machines?
The Hostess: It has machines.
The Traveller: We would hear the machines.
The Hostess: You will hear the machines.